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Coloured paper

Paper Advantages

When Ingredion introduced the first amphoteric starch in 1965, it revolutionised the paper industry. Today, we continue to innovate with a broad range of papermaking starches, made from a variety of bases. We will work closely with you to create premium quality papers consistently, while delivering better value.

Ask us how our tapioca based wet end starches can help your mill improve dry strength, retention and drainage. Need to improve dry strength of paper and board in a closed water loop system where traditional cationic and amphoteric solutions are failing? We have new generation of revolutionary wet end solutions for you. Puzzled about how to make your papers easier to print on or more resistant to oil and grease? We have the solution here. No matter which grade of paper you are perfecting, Ingredion can meet your needs.

Paper perfection

We have solutions to fit into different parts of the papermaking process - seamlessly, safely and cost-effectively.

 Work with Ingredion Idea Labs™ to meet your paper making needs

Printing and Writing Papers

We have the broadest range of solutions available for papermaking operations of all sizes.
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Our wide range of ingredients, you can make stronger paperboards that stay in shape, without using synthetic dry-strength aides.
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Stronger newsprint, fewer breaks and better print quality.
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Our ready to use solutions for all types of tissue.
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Better quality, better looking boxboards with cost savings.
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Specialty Papers

Oil and grease resistant food packaging products.
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