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Infant nutrition

Taking care of nutrition

Food companies making baby food, infant formulas, supplements or foods for people with special dietary needs know they are constantly under a spotlight. They face the strictest conditions. And the goal posts are always shifting, with the bar constantly raising. Impeccable scientific credentials are required and they need to adhere to the strictest microbiological standards always. It places unique pressures on producers to get it right the first time - and every time thereafter.

Looking to boost nutrition in your products competing in this demanding space?  Hungry to improve texture and simplify your labels too? Ingredion can work with you to safely and securely balance your priorities. We have a proven  track-record developing specialty ingredients for special groups. From infants to the elderly, as well as people with special conditions, like swallowing difficulties. We have all your bases carefully covered.

How our products add value

Our specialised portfolio of clinical and infant nutrition ingredients can help you develop consumer-winning products every time. We succeed by:

  • Our safety first approach: delivering nutrients in a safe and consistent manner​
  • Enhancing texture: helping you create premium, more delicious products, with textures that deliver for all the senses  ​​​
  • Hypoallergenic and special needs formulations: to meet the needs of hungry babies and other people with sensitivities by creating solutions free from common allergens
  • Fine-tuning textures: producing textures and consistencies to help even those with swallowing problems get the goodness they need and deserve 
  • Quickly and safely thicken any beverage or food to its ideal texture with our easy-to-use, instant stir-in dysphagia thickener, UNI-PURE® Dys-sperse instant thickeners. From juices to honey or pudding – your patients will be able to enjoy their goodness.
  • Give foods and drinks a more natural appearance, taste and aroma    

Help consumers keep their blood sugar levels on track by using our resistant starches that improve insulin sensitivity. Reduce the glycemic and insulin response of foods, by partly replacing flour or other carbs with our resistant starch. Help consumers maintain a healthy weight. Promote healthy intestinal tracts. Achieve all these with our HI-MAIZETM resistant starches.

  • Promote immune and digestive health with prebiotic, soluble fibre using our BIOLIGO®galacto-oligosaccharide and NUTRAFLORA® fructo-oligosaccharide ingredient solutions.
  • Tailor formulas carefully to special dietary needs, including those with allergy sensitivities, with our UNI-PURE® IMF starches produced from rice and manufactured to the highest microbiological standards.
  • Deliver smooth textures and to help with swallowing to get the goodness and sustenance needed with our ULTRA-SPERSE® IMF instant texturisers.
  • Simple ingredient listings for baby foods. Most consumers  perceive “natural” products as healthier and safer. Therefore, a clean label can be much more than an aesthetic preference. When you provide products with simple and healthy ingredients people understand and feel good about, you build trust in your products—from the label in. Pure and simple as the babies who eat them. Our clean label NOVATION® starches are ideal for use in baby foods, with a track record you can trust.

Driving nutrition innovation

Helping you address the challenges inherent in nutrition trends today.

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