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Do your chewy candies or gummy bears bring smiles to consumers? Trying to make your caramels more authentic or your marshmallows softer but process limitations, ingredient costs and supply issues are holding you back? Talk to the experts at Ingredion. We will work with you to choose the right solutions from our range of specialty starches and nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners to add unique new textures and create the perfect sweetness in your confectionery.

We can help you to make following sweets even better:

  • Cream centres
  • Fondant and grained confections​​
  • Compound chocolates
  • Chewing gum
  • Gummy and hard candies
  • Marshmallows and caramels
  • Frostings and fruit fillings

Improve texture, create new textures, reduce recipe costs and streamline production with our specialty starches.

  • Provide novel textures in chewy candies while replacing gelatine with ELASTIGELTM 1000J starch, TEXTRATM starch and PURITY GUMTM 40 starch.
  • Create unique textures and improve heat stability in your gummy candies with ELASTIGELTM 1000J starch.
  •  Save money by replacing gum Arabic while achieving the desired clear coating for pan-coated confectionery with CRYSTAL TEXTM dextrins.
  • Save production time and money in your jelly confections line using our fast-setting HI-SETTM, SUPERSET and ULTRA-SETTM series of starches.  
  • Ensure production efficiency and quality of your gummy bears by using our NU MOULD starch in the starch moulds.

Consumers are craving sugar-free and reduced-sugar options of all their favourite sweet treats. Hard candy that lasts. Mints and chewing gums that refresh, Chewy caramels, soft marshmallows and indulgent chocolate they can savour.

Brainstorm new products or troubleshoot technical challenges with us. Shelf life issues because of changing temperatures or humidity? Solved. We will work with you to deliver great-tasting, customised, sugar-free solutions across all types of confectionery.​

Check out our broad range of sweeteners:

  • Polyols
  • Dextrose
  • DULCENTTM high potency sweeteners
  • ENLITENTM Reb A stevia
  • BIOLIGO™ IH 200 & BIOLIGO™ IS 300 low purity isomaltooligosaccharide
  • High-fructose corn syrups

Sweet innovation

Ingredion brings you a versatile range of sweetener solutions—from polyols and dextrose to high potency sweeteners, oligosaccharides and more.

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