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Fibre enrichment

The message is loud and clear: fibre is essential for health and wellbeing. A great number of consumers are looking for fibre in everything from breakfast cereals and snacks and to side dishes and beverages. You can create the fibre-rich products they are searching for with help from Ingredion.

Our nutrition experts will steer you to the right choices in our robust portfolio of fibres, carefully chosen or developed to answer consumers’ top health concerns. 

Proven fibre solutions

Together, we can develop uniquely beneficial products for your consumers. You can add HI-MAIZE®  resistant starch to baked goods, pasta and smoothies for energy balance and weight management support. Alternatively, you could use NOVELOSETM dietary fibres to create high-fibre foods without compromising taste and texture.

When you work with Ingredion, our formulation and CULINOLOGY® experts will help you design fibre-rich products your consumers will love. Our nutrition team will also give ideas for substantiated messages on your labels to encourage trial and repeat purchases.

NOVELOSE™ Resistant Starch

NOVELOSETM Resistant Starch delivers the taste and texture of "white flour" application.

Work wonders with fibre

Help consumers optimise their fibre intake with just-right fibre solutions. 

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