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Biomaterials - Replace Synthetics with Advantages

Start the next great product revolution with Ingredion. Leveraging decades of success in the food, paper and chemical sectors, Ingredion now brings you nature-based ingredients for the biomaterial market. Ingredients designed to exceed your expectations for performance and sustainability. Reduce costs and improve performance by replacing synthetic with natural. We can help you meet consumer demand for sustainable products and differentiate yourself from conventional products using our unique delivery systems. Work with us to tap into our green technology knowhow. Together, we can produce breakthrough after breakthrough.

Revolutionising Biopolymers

  • Replace oil-based synthetics and boost the sustainable bio-content in your plastic products with BENEFORM® functional biopolymers, a new bio-based additive for durable, semi-durable and disposable plastic products.
  • Enhance conditioning for hair and skin – wet or dry – with PenCare™ DP, a bio-based cationic polymer that is revolutionising personal care.
  • Create superior lubrication and silkier feeling gloves and condoms with ABSORBO®, a high performance dusting powder that is particularly popular in Asia. It offers excellent dispersion and sedimentation resistance, with remarkable batch-to-batch consistency.

Biomaterial solutions

Unlock unique functionality with biopolymers. 

Work with Ingredion Idea Labs™ to tap into our green technology knowhow


Derived from renewable resources, our plant-based ingredient solutions can reduce your environmental impact even more.
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Personal Care

Start the next great personal care revolution with natural sustainable products.
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Home Care

We can help you make home care products that are kinder to the environment and more affordable.
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Health Care

ABSORBO® is an absorbable dusting powder made specially to lubricate gloves and condoms.
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Replace various cellulose ethers in your renders, adhesives and screeds.
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Our nature-based products provide sizing solutions to suit your fabric making processes.
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Oil and Gas

Our starch solutions can improve performance in drilling fluids basics and filtrate loss control additives.
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