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Save Money

Smart thinking for smart savings

Two critical global trends in our industry are affordability and quality—seemingly opposite concepts that become complementary at the Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres. That’s why we launched a program called Save Money to help you overcome the challenges of achieving cost savings while preserving or even improving the quality of your products.

Our approach aims to optimise not only recipe costs, but also manufacturing and operational expenses and speed to market. Savings plus quality equals the kind of holistic solution our Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovators provide.

Whether that means fluffy muffins with half the eggs or tangy barbecue sauce you’d never guess had reduced tomato solids your products can stand out in the market and improve your bottom line, too. You can enjoy benefits such as reduced inventory and storage costs, too with our efficient beverage emulsifiers.

Benefit from our Save Money options for: 

  • Replacing protein in processed and analogue cheese
  • Replacing egg bakery and savoury
  • Efficient emulsifiers for beverages
  • Replacing fat in dairy and savoury
  • Reducing milk solids in dairy
  • Replacing gelatin in confectionery
  • Reducing vegetable solids
  • Reducing sugar in a wide variety of applications
  • And so much more 

When you work with us, you get customised, holistic solutions spanning your operations and processes. Consumers will love your products, and you’ll love the look of your bottom line.

That’s smart thinking for smart savings—only from Ingredion. 

Take advantage of Ingredion’s breakthrough solutions in optimising protein reduction for significant savings in processed and analogue i cheese formulations. Improve functionality and reduce costs at the same time with PRECISA® 600 series starches. You can save 6% to 8% while achieving just the right firmness, shredding, gelling and melting in pizza cheese, sauces and processed cheese products.

In processed block cheese, our PRECISA™ 600 series can improve firmness, shredability and meltability at low protein levels.  Testing revealed a firmness, shredding and melting properties almost identical to the original in a 19% reduced cheese cheddar. In analogue mozzarella cheese, our PRECISA® 600 starch and GEL ‘N’ MELT® starch can help your products to achieve delicious firmness, shredability and stretchability to make consumers smile.

Our consumer insights and deep formulation, applications, sensory and CULINOLOGY® expertise can help you create exciting cheese products that match consumer trends and address formulation, processing and scale-up challenges. Talk to us about your next cheese cost saving challenge.    

Eggs can play an important role in formulating salad dressings, dips and spreads. But as prices rise or experience volatility, replacing egg becomes a priority. What if you could maintain the taste, texture and emulsion stability of your dressings while replacing costly egg ingredients? You can by innovating for smart savings with Ingredion.

Our innovative starches provide superior emulsification and fat stabilisation for a creamy mouthfeel and extended shelf life. You’ll benefit from reduced or stabilised ingredient costs and numerous process efficiencies. Your labels can promote a cholesterol-free, allergen-free and potentially vegan positioning, and tell a simplified ingredient story. Work with us to reduce your recipe costs significantly on both regular and light egg-free dressings. 

Retain great sensory attributes

In testing, we compared egg-free spoonable dressing prototypes with control samples containing eggs. The samples were evaluated using our trained expert sensory panel. Here’s what we found in egg-free light dressing using Ingredion’s ULTRA-TEX® and N-CREAMER® starches:

  • Sensory characteristics were similar to the control
  • The eating experience was similar to commercial light brands
  • The texture of our egg-free dressing prototype was better compared with commercial egg-free dressing

Ingredion provides you with  measurable savings on high-quality egg-free dressing and achieves new label appeal. Ask us about the innovative combination of starches that created the winning formula.

What if you could maintain the structure of your baked good while replacing up to 50% of costly egg ingredients? You can with smart savings solutions from Ingredion.

We cut significant recipe costs in sponge cake with our solution replacing many functional performance characteristics of eggs, including:

  • Aeration/foaming
  • Emulsifying
  • Structure
  • Texture
  • Moisture
  • Colour

Using NATIONAL™ 89 ER starch in an innovative solution, we helped our customer cut recipe costs by 11% by replacing eggs. Better still, we preserved or improved product sensory and functional qualities, including batter viscosity and cell structure of cakes. The customer achieved excellent batch-to-batch consistency, good volume expansion and better moisture holding and retention—all with non-allergenic and dairy-free appeal. With easy processing.

Quality and savings go hand in hand when you work with the Save Money innovators of Ingredion. 

The novel flavours, vibrant colours and active ingredients in today’s beverages can make formulation challenging. With Ingredion’s beverage expertise and PURITY GUM® Ultra high-performance emulsifier, you can handle the most difficult-to-use flavours, colours and actives while achieving exceptional stability and saving money in the manufacturing of beverage emulsions.

PURITY GUM® Ultra high-performance emulsifier uses a patented technology to optimise the molecular structure of the starch, giving it more emulsifying power than traditional beverage emulsifiers such as gum Arabic. It doubles the oil load of your beverage, enabling you to make twice the emulsion and cut costs by as much as 50% in inventory, shipping and labour.

With this remarkable ingredient, you can formulate bright, intensely flavoured beverages more cost effectively—and even eliminate costly weighting agents. It’s a good time to innovate for smart savings in beverages with Ingredion.

Smart savings

Save money. Maintain quality. Enjoy success. 

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