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Replacing sugar deliciously

Sugar-free can be even better than sugar-sweetened. Take an expertly designed sugar-free nutrition bar … a refreshing mint … or even a light frozen dessert for people with diabetes. Polyol sweetener solutions from Ingredion give these products a charm all their own.

Polyols, also known as “polyhydric alcohols” or “sugar alcohols,” are carbohydrate systems with about half the calories of sugar, without reducing bulk. They impart a balanced sweetness and enable you to make a sugar-free or reduced-sugar or -calorie claim.

As consumers demand more low and no-sugar products, Ingredion can help you find the right balance of sweetness, texture and functionality. That goes for everything from yogurt drinks to confectionery using polyols as replacements or blended solutions.

Talk to us about leveraging polyol solutions to give you a sweet edge in the market.    

Sweetness for all

Satisfy every sweetness preference today and tomorrow with us. 

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