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A global dietary shift to plant-based proteins has begun

Alternative proteins are the future — and the future is now. As demand for plant-based protein continues to rise, Ingredion can help you navigate this new alternative protein landscape and solve your most complex protein challenges. From human health to environmental sustainability and beyond, together we can thrive in the Alternative Proteins Universe.

Taste and texture is mission critical for plant-based protein adoption

Consumers following specific diets — such as vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, etc. — aren’t the only ones choosing plant-based proteins. In fact, the market is much larger. 70% of global consumers seek out products with good sources of plant proteins. However, more important than simply meeting their dietary needs, the taste and texture of products made with plant-based proteins has to be right. 

That’s where Ingredion comes in. Our innovation experts focus on formulations that produce the sensory eating experiences consumers want. Take a closer look in this webinar — Accelerating plant-based market growth requires satisfying consumers’ evolving tastes — presented by Ingredion experts.

Alternative universe

Source: Ingredion Proprietary ATLAS Survey: 33 Countries 2020 n=10,782

Alternative proteins that consumers can embrace

There are many reasons the modern consumer is choosing plant-based proteins. From nutrition, health and wellness needs to contributing to a more sustainable future and beyond, there’s no question that the alternative protein space is on a meteoric rise. Through our innovation, formulation expertise and broad portfolio of plant-based products, we continue to provide the ingredients that deliver the tasted and eating experience consumers love.

Our product line includes:

  • Pea protein isolates
  • Ultra-performance proteins
  • Plant protein concentrates
  • Pulse flours
  • Structured vegetable proteins
  • Pea starches

Where cheese grows on trees...

Imagine a world where alternative meat, dairy and other plant-based foods are not alternatives at all. Explore the Alternative Universe.

Alternative universe

Blazing a new trail in alternative proteins

Plant-based meat and seafood alternatives

Create standout plant-based meat and seafood alternatives with Ingredion formulation knowhow and broad portfolio of plant-based proteins and texture solution

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Plant-based dairy alternatives

Solve plant-based dairy formulating challenges with Ingredion's deep knowhow and portfolio of solutions

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Expanding the Alternative Universe

With the demand for plant-based protein increasing exponentially, what does the world need to do to meet the needs of future generations?

Journey into Ingredion’s Alternative Universe eGuide to find the answers.

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Want to make an impact in plant-based proteins?

Look to the stars in this fascinating video captured at the opening of Ingredion’s state-of-the-art pea protein processing plant in Nebraska. Watch famous pioneers of the plant-based protein revolution, including Suzy Amis Cameron, Founder of Verdient Foods, discuss how they see the Alternative Universe expanding.

Alternative universe

Plant-based food sales have grown by 43%  over recent years—nine times faster than total food sales.1

Develop what’s next with Ingredion

Take your plant-based food and beverage products to another dimension, while meeting your sustainability goals. Explore how Ingredion will help you to develop the future of plant-based protein.

Getting from concept to launch

Turn your plant-based ideas into market-leading solutions in bakery, snacks, beverages, alternative meat, dairy and more.

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What is the future of protein?

Uncover the next generation of plant-based proteins to revolutionise and future-proof your business.

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Sustainability, Ingredion and you

Deliver ingredient transparency and strengthen your sustainability positioning in the market.

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1Plant-Based Foods Association (PBFA), 2020