Performance, sustainability and cost benefits for agriculture

Seeking to reduce or replace petroleum and synthetic chemicals in your agricultural formulations? Take advantage of Ingredion's biopolymer expertise and product portfolio. Through our high-performance, affordable plant-based polymers, we can help you capture “triple bottom-line” benefits of superior performance, better sustainability and affordability.

Eliminate the microplastics with sustainable starch-based seed-coating binders

Our patent-pending binder technology provides a sustainable, renewable alternative to synthetic binders. These starch-based binders have an equivalent application rate of 2-3 ml/kg, with third-party lab evaluation showing comparable coverage, dust-off, flowability, plantability, phytotoxicity, bridging and tackiness. Starch-based binders are certified biodegradable by Resptek™.


Replace talc in planting with sustainable starch-based seed lubricants

Renewable and asbestos-free, our patent-pending FLO-MAX® technology offers a starch-based alternative to talc used in planting equipment. What’s next is here to prevent seed clumping and bridging in hoppers, and clinging to seed discs in seed meters. This FLO-MAX® starch-based solution is very inert to moisture/humidity, enhancing your planting needs with or without graphite.


Improve crop protection by optimizing the rheology

Improve tank-mix compatibility in your crop protection and fertilizer applications. Achieve uniform coverage. Boost adhesion and overcome the viscosity/rheology challenges of hydrocolloids/gums. With our starch-based rheology modifiers/stabilizers and dispersing/suspending agents, you can deliver top performance — including ability to encapsulate or plate incompatible active ingredients.