Clean and simple ingredients

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Consumers want products that are closest to nature — made from ingredients that are understood, expected and authentic. This means they want clean and simple labels with fewer, yet familiar ingredients, that are free from undesirable additives. We use consumer insights, based on research, to deliver innovative ingredient solutions that support today’s clean and simple lifestyles — enabling you to meet consumer demand for label-friendly products.

What consumers really want

When you work with us, you’ll have exclusive access to our proprietary market research and consumer insights. Consumer insights fuel our innovation process, resulting in market-leading products your consumers will love. You can also gain an edge with our front-end innovation process, which identifies market signals and changes. This allows us to mobilise research and development teams to help you address emerging needs at the earliest possible point.

Capitalise on the best clean label growth opportunities with on-trend solutions from Ingredion.

Understand the psychology behind Clean Label profitability

At Ingredion, we apply the psychology of Clean Label to give you a better understanding of the mindset of today’s consumers so you can optimize your business success.

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Dive deeper into the clean & simple trends that are shaping your market. Find solutions to your formulation challenges and create exciting products that consumers love.

Clean label ingredients

Clean label is an influential movement, but how can manufacturers leverage its benefits and translate it into commercial success?

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