Riding the wave of innovation with yoghurt

Yoghurt enjoys a health positioning, and is often considered a tasty, healthy and convenient snack1

The market for yoghurt is thriving in Asia Pacific, and health, taste and convenience are the key reasons.

In Ingredion’s proprietary survey across the region, 74.4% of respondents stated that they purchased yoghurt on a shopping trip1. This represents a steady consumption of yoghurt, with an increasing awareness of its health benefits in the region.

Yoghurt’s convenience positioning also continues to be important, but there is strong growth in demand for clean labels, sugar reduction and health claims such as added protein, fiber, and probiotics1.

With these developing demands for yoghurt products alongside the growing agenda for health and wellness, yoghurt manufacturers can expect consumer demand for more innovative concepts, adventurous flavours and texture experiences within the yoghurt category.

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Win with diversity

The growth in this category is continuously on the rise as consumers demand more choices from their yoghurts – from reduced to no sugar or fats to a high source of protein and fibre. Reformulate your products with us to capture the diverse appetites of your consumers.

Say yes to clean and simple

Recognising all the ingredients in their foods is important to consumers. 83% of consumers in APAC has indicated that it is important for them to recognise all the ingredients on the ingredients list. Dairy products, including yoghurt, are among the top three product categories where the claims “Additive-Free”, Natural” or “All Natural” are ranked as most appealing to consumers in APAC.2  Do away with artificial sounding ingredient by going clean label with our ingredient solutions and win consumers’ trust.

Bring on the fun and indulgence

As one of the main key drivers of food purchases in general, consumers are looking for more indulgent experiences throughout their day. The key is to formulate products with creamy textures that add indulgence to the overall eating experience. Blur the lines between meals and snacks, mains and sides, pairing ingredients such as oatmeal, ice-creams and even coffee to extend the time of the days where your yoghurts can be consumed. Let our consumer insights and sensory expertise inspire your next product innovation and development.

Yoghurt anytime and anywhere

Ambient yoghurt greatly widens potential retail opportunities and increases access to  yoghurt-lovers for all occasions. Work with us to ensure the stability of ambient yoghurt, delivering the same experience every time, precisely the way your consumers expect it. Ask us how you can deliver products with a longer shelf life with consistent performance.

Plant-based is on a mission

Demands for sustainable ingredients and practices are encouraging consumers to look for dairy alternatives. Like their dairy counterparts, the dairy-free yoghurt subcategory follows closely on the same trends fueling the category: gut health, clean label, reduced-sugar, and many others.3 Innovate with Ingredion’s customised plant-based ingredient solutions and be ahead in the game.

Win over your customers with our customised solutions

  • Creating nutrition-packed, reduced fat, reduced sugar; simply better-for-you products with our stevia-based sweeteners and extensive line of starches and texturisers
  • Formulating with our range of native functional solutions all-natural products that meet all expectations
  • Enticing with novel textures that result in fun and healthy yoghurts. Explore our dial-in texture capabilities
  • Conveniently deliver products stored at room temperature that are a premium experience. Let’s tackle the challenge together
  • Develop yoghurt products a variety of protein options, including dual-protein yoghurts

1.     2020 ATLAS Proprietary Consumer Insights Program.

2.     Ingredion Proprietary Research, Atlas Global Clean Label Consumer Study, 2017 & 2019.

3.     Innova Market Insights (2019) Category survey: Yoghurt.

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