Egg replacement

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Ideal texture of eggs using our functional systems

In light of the recent challenges related to the instability and rising costs of using eggs as an ingredient in various food applications, there are ongoing efforts to ensure a reliable supply and reduce expenses by substituting a portion or even the entirety of eggs in recipes.

Recent developments have made it possible to utilise our functional systems to effectively reduce or even eliminate the need for eggs in specific recipes. Ingredion offers a wide range of functional systems that empower food manufacturers to explore egg alternatives without compromising the visual and textural appeal of their products, all while delivering additional benefits.

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Cost-effective egg replacements with remarkable texture

Egg-free emulsified dressing

Meet Ingredion's specialty starches, ideal egg substitutes for crafting a stable emulsified dressing with a delightful melt-in-the-mouth experience.

30% eggless cake

With our SIMPLISTICA BK 7224 stabiliser system, you can achieve a 30% reduction in whole eggs within cakes, resulting in cost savings while enhancing moisture and softness.

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Ingredion offers a wide range of egg replacement ingredient solutions. Our technical experts are here to help find alternative ways to meet your formulating needs.

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