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Instant noodles are one of the most widely consumed1 snack options due to its convenience and affordability. Aligning with the health and wellness trend, consumer demands for healthier instant noodle options have been on the rise.

With our diverse portfolio of ingredient solutions for noodles and seasonings, Ingredion can help you create noodle products of consumer-preferred textures and better nutrient content for more enjoyable eating experiences.

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Noodles with ideal textures, fortified with protein and fibres, affordable, lower sodium soup seasoning – attain your innovation goals with Ingredion.

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Boost immunity with proteins

Beyond general health and wellness, consumers are specifically seeking immune health support. This led to an increased adoption of high protein diets, whereby >46% of APAC consumers look out for source / high protein claims in food products2. Work with our experts to determine how you can incorporate plant-based proteins into your noodle products, without compromising textures.

Support digestive function with fibres

Instant noodles are generally not good sources of fibre, which is an important nutrient that >60% of APAC consumers associate with better digestive health3. With our expertise in fibre enhancement, you can create higher-in-fibre instant noodles that also satiate your consumers’ appetite.

Amplify eating experiences with chewy textures

Research has shown that 61% of consumers are willing to pay more for food products that offer similar eating experiences to dining out at restaurants4. Imagine chewy instant noodles, paired with a flavourful soup that is creamier and lower in salt and sugars. Speak to our experts to find out how you can achieve such in-demand noodle products.

Innovate with Ingredion to stand out from competition

  • Deliver more protein through your noodle products with our range of vegan-friendly and non-allergenic pea protein flours, isolates and concentrates.
  • Enhance the fibre content of noodle products to address consumers’ need for greater digestive health support. Accomplish that with our fibre ingredients.
  • Elevate eating experiences by perfecting chewy textures in noodles with our portfolio of starch-based texturisers 
  • Soup seasoning is a key accompaniment to noodles. Provide an enjoyable eating experience with an affordable, creamy, lower sodium soup seasoning with prolonged flavour release using our portfolio of starch-based texturisers and PurecircleTM ingredients

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