Up your cheese game: Tasty, functional and affordable

The growth of the processed cheese market in Asia Pacific is on the rise, with a robust CAGR tripling the global growth for the same category.1 In APAC, a westernised lifestyle has popularised cheese consumption. The cheese category’s growth is further fuelled by the increased consumption of cheese as a snack in convenient packaging formats such as cup cheese desserts, resealable packaging, bars and cheese sticks with creative, localised flavours based on fruits, cod, wasabi and tea.

With more consumers spending more time at home, they are driven to seek out cheese options that can be used as quick fixes to boost meals prepared at home or as snacks.

Consumers are paying greater attention to the inherent health benefits of the foods they eat, and this has prompted processed cheese manufacturers to position their products to contain high or to be a source of protein as well as lower fat and sodium content. Additionally, forward-thinking players have started to deliver vegan alternatives.2

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Enhance the sensory experience

Mimic the functional attributes of natural cheese such as gratability, sliceability, meltability or spreadability in your cheese products. Formulate products with new formats and textures to leverage on the increasing popularity of cheese consumption like cheese hotpots, cheese froth on drinks and cheese wraps in APAC.

Innovate to drive affordability

Keeping your costs in check is an important factor.3 Replacing costly ingredients such as rennet casein and milk protein concentrates in your formulations with solutions from our extensive portfolio will help to keep your cost consistent and remain competitive while maintaining the right textures and functionalities.

The alternative is plant-based

Vegan, dairy-free, soy-free options are on the rise, in response to growing consumer demands for plant-based alternatives that support a sustainable lifestyle. Food manufacturers are developing novel ideas by choosing base ingredients such as nuts, cashew, faba beans and plant-based starches to deliver the right texture and functionality.2 Our skills and know-how will help you ride the wave of increasing demands for plant-based alternatives.

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Go clean with cheese

83% of consumers in APAC have indicated that it is important for them to be able to recognise all the ingredients listed on the ingredient list as well as having a shorter and simpler list of ingredients being used in food products they consume.4 Consequently, food manufacturers are either reformulating or developing new vegan cheese using clean label or natural ingredients in order to achieve products with labelling that is acceptable and preferred by consumers.

Innovate with us to give consumers the products they crave

  • Develop cheese products that capture the right sensory properties and functionality, assisted by our expertise and comprehensive portfolio of texturising solutions.
  • Make affordability part of your innovation plans. We work with you to achieve your cost-saving goals.
  • Formulate cutting-edge products inspired by plant-based trends.
  • Create products with consumer-preferred labelling by using our comprehensive portfolio of clean label ingredients.

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