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Alcoholic beverages

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Consumers are passionate about their beers and alcoholic beverages. They want them to have the same recognisable characteristics in each drinking experience, while discovering new and exciting products that go beyond what’s expected.

Easily digested by yeast in fermentations, our portfolio of fermentable carbohydrates helps you control cost and maintain consistency from batch to batch. Choose non-GMO ingredients for your brews, including fermentable carbohydrates, from simple sugars and maltose to other more complex carbohydrate profiles, helping your beverage formulations reach optimal alcoholic levels.

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Alcoholic beverage solutions

Whatever your goals, find the expertise and ingredients you need to overcome your formulation challenges and deliver great-tasting, on-trend beverage products.

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RTD alcoholic mixed beverage

When it comes to flavoured spirits, consumers are thirsty for new and original flavours that enhance their drinking experiences. To formulate clear flavoured spirits, Q-NATURALE® emulsifier is your best option for crystalline and stable colour, and flavour applications.

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