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Deliver exciting textures in batters and breadings with Ingredion

Tasty textures with that extra crunch

Consumers are more demanding than ever, so getting to market with the perfect coating system that provides the right texture, appearance and eating quality at the right price is key. Consumers need for convenience and the rise in high quality food service products push those demands further.

Combining different ingredients can take your product to a whole new dimension. Coating systems are complex and there are many challenges facing coating manufacturers including adhesion, shelf life, heat lamp stability, consumer re-constitution considerations and nutritional requirements.

Ingredion produces a wide range of speciality starch and flour-based ingredients which can be used to produce crispy, crunchy and delicious coating systems. Each ingredient plays a unique and complementary role to deliver the perfect texture. From adhesion starches for use in pre-dusts or dip batters through to clear coats for fries, tempura style batters to traditional fish batters.

Overcome your formulation challenges with Ingredion

Ingredion combines science-based problem solving expertise with an extensive range of innovative texturisers to help manufacturers in the batters and breadings sector overcome the most critical formulation challenges.

  • Achieve a uniform coating and control/eliminate batter “blow-off” whilst reducing losses and achieving the optimal adhesion of breadings to enhance the appearance
  • Control moisture through the frying process to achieve the perfect texture
  • Create an improved appearance with uniform coating that is crunchy on the outside and succulent on the inside
  • Achieve a superior texture with an appealing golden colouring whilst increasing shelf-life, ideal for fried and oven baked goods
  • Provide consumers with convenience through ideal microwavable coatings suitable for microwave, air frying and deep frying
  • Add valuable nutritional values to your products whilst increasing consumer appeal through a delicious golden appearance
  • Maintain the suspension of your ingredients within the batter system throughout the production process

Each ingredient plays a unique and complementary role in delivering the perfect texture

Our technical experts will guide you through the texture maze to find the ideal solution for your fish fillet or tempura batter.

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