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The homestyle ready meal that satisfies with hearty goodness. The creamy, reduced-fat salad dressing that turns ordinary greens into a guilt-free savoury delight. The smooth and velvety sauce bringing an enjoyable eating experience.

Consumers are seeking high-quality soups, sauces, dressings and more with innovative ingredient solutions. Developers are tasked with finding innovative and cost-effective ways to deliver on these consumer needs, while also meeting their own formulating goals and achieving a preferred product.

You can offer the fresh appeal consumers are looking for in high-quality soups, sauces, dressings and more with our unmatched portfolio of ingredient solutions including hydrocolloids, starches, plant-based proteins and sweetener solutions. Collaborate with our formulation experts to stay ahead of trends with fresher, healthier products and clean and simple labels. For example:

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From butter masala chicken balls with crispiness that lasts to microwavable chicken bites, download our savoury flyers showcasing the most popular savoury prototypes.

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