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Create more sustainable value with less

Made from upcycled ingredients, FIBERTEX® multi-benefit fibres enable you to develop cleaner, more cost-efficient products with a consumer-preferred label. Whether you’re formulating in bakery and snacks or dressings, sauces and processed meats, our FIBERTEX® multi-benefit fibres maximise the functionality that nature provides to drive sustainable value.

FIBERTEX® CF citrus fibres

FIBERTEX® CF 102 and FIBERTEX® CF 502 multi-benefit citrus fibres are based on citrus fibres and are ideal for a range of applications, including cookies, muffins, cakes, soft baked bars, dressings, table sauces and processed meats. They have excellent water holding capacity and moisture retention, require no heat activation and are highly process resistant.

  • Dietary fibre addition
  • Texture improvement
  • Fat replacement
  • Cost-in-use benefits1
  • Replacement of non-consumer preferred ingredients2

1 Cost savings confirmed in internal application work, even when using pre-Ukraine war price surge costings

2 Based on internal applications work and ingredient ratings from ATLAS Ingredion Proprietary Consumer Insights, 2020

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