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Discover the benefits of high-performance tapioca

A world of opportunity for food manufacturers

Consumers today desire products with a premium flavour and enhanced textural experience. As a food manufacturer, you’re passionate about striking a balance between their expectations and your manufacturing needs. In the past, you may have stayed on familiar territory to address this balance.

That is… Until now. Next generation tapioca is an improved crop that delivers great process tolerance, high clarity, better freeze-thaw stability and is non-GMO.

Next generation tapioca opens up new opportunities for better, consumer-preferred products.

Next generation tapioca from Ingredion

Five reasons to discover next generation tapioca

Ingredion has spent years cultivating a new and sustainable, high-performance tapioca starch in partnership with our grower partners in Thailand. Now, there are even more reasons to explore this all-in-one powerhouse ingredient designed to address your manufacturing needs and create better products to win over your customers.

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Uncover all the benefits next generation tapioca has to offer your business and customers.

  • Premium sensory experience​
  • Excellent shelf stability
  • Cost competitive​
  • Sustainable supply​
  • Better for farmers and the environment​
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Partner with Ingredion

With Ingredion as your partner, you can leverage next generation tapioca to tap into a world of opportunities. Ingredion has the capabilities and expertise to help you differentiate your products by making your food look, feel and taste delicious, while checking all the boxes for conscious customers.

Formulate your way to success

With health and wellness more important than ever to consumers, Ingredion’s tapioca delivers the right texture, clean taste and mouthfeel, all with an appealing label.

·   Stand out with clean label options, allowing claims of natural, no additives/preservatives

Generate surprising results with our capabilities

When manufacturers partner with Ingredion, they discover everything they need to innovate for product success.

·   Scientific and customer expertise to support successful new product development with faster speed-to-market

·   Formulate for cost-in-use benefit versus peer bases

Backed by our strong and reliable supply chain

Ingredion leads the world in being able to offer a secure global supply for tapioca starch and flour, made possible through relationships with grower partners, extensive warehousing and manufacturing capabilities, as well as investments in continuous improvement projects.

·   Multi-country supply network enables continuity of production 

·   Plants on both sides of the world minimise cost and environmental impact

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