Adhesives and coatings

Going beyond paper with bio-based adhesives for manufacturing

Ingredion's expertise as a starch-based adhesives innovator extends far beyond our role in papermaking markets. Manufacturers are finding our starch-based solutions a perfect fit for replacing synthetics with more sustainable and economical bio-based alternatives.

We can help you draw from our wide range of adhesive ingredients and ready-to-use products to assist in a variety of applications — with components that bring texture, viscosity, tack, controlled drying and strength to lamination adhesive formulations. And with our ready-to-use adhesive products, you get the all-in-one lamination and bonding benefits with a bio-based, renewable alternative to synthetic adhesives.

Reduce synthetic content of carpet backing

Our bio-based binders and non-wovens can replace up to 60% of synthetic content, while starch-based ingredients can increase the natural content of binders, saving you money. Plus, Ingredion polyol solutions can improve the water-holding of these binders to help starch-based ingredients further increase the non-synthetic content of binders.

Improve bio-content of laminated wood and furniture

When used as putties and adhesives, Ingredion’s starch-based ingredients can build strength and texture, and increase the natural content of putties, fillers and ready-to-use adhesives for wood and furniture.

Sustainable adhesives for wallpaper and other substrates

Ingredion solutions can enhance adhesive performance in wall coverings, paper lamination, labels and foils, or other specialty substrates. For example, our KOFILM® modified starches increase the bio-based content of ready-for-use wallpaper adhesives while saving money by extending PVOH. Plus, our nature-based humectants and viscosity modifiers can be incorporated to control texture, enhance film properties and save you more time.

Enhance coating properties and bio-content

Our PEN-COTE® coating binders can partially substitute latex to increase the bio-content. Coating formulations with PEN-COTE® coating binders offer benefits of a high level of water-holding, increased development of coating structure, reduced binder migration and improved coating uniformity without a loss in gloss, and optimal cross-linking to achieve high binder strength. Our various specialty starches and hydrocolloids can also be used as coating additives for anti-caking, sound-damping, anti-sagging and rheology control.