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Create food and beverages products for holistic health

Partner with Ingredion for wellness ingredients that appeal to consumers seeking healthier lifestyles

No food and beverage strategy would be complete without examining the wellness habits, choices and ideals driving consumer purchase decisions.  Wellness isn’t just about the ingredients or nutritional value of food and beverages – it also involves addressing consumers’ needs for physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental wellbeing.

Meet consumer needs for holistic health with food and beverages that promote wellness benefits

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The active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles leading to a holistic state of health.1

Enablement of wellness lifestyle choices

  • Sustainable
  • Ethical
  • Traceable
  • Clean label
  • Plant-based
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Gluten-free

By partnering with Ingredion you benefit from our wellness expertise, including use of clean label, sustainable, ethical, traceable and plant-based speciality ingredients. These wellness attributes can contribute powerful quality signals on both front and back of pack for consumers who increasingly seek out brands that share these values and align products to their lifestyle choices.

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Overcome common wellness challenges with our expertise


Clean label ingredients

Clean label is an influential movement, but how can manufacturers leverage its benefits and translate it into commercial success?

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Create food, beverage, home and personal care products that are allergen- and additive-free.

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Ingredion's formulation and sensory experts can help fine-tune your brand’s fresh appeal with clean label, non-GMO and organic ingredient solutions.

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Natural and simple

Give consumers exactly what they’re looking for with fewer, less-processed ingredients.

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Explore high-performing certified organic solutions to replace ingredients perceived as undesirable.

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Meet consumer demand for a wide array of wellness and lifestyle choices

What consumers seek in food and beverage can be as nuanced as their individual personalities. Manufacturers creating in these spaces may have difficulty navigating shifting trends and targeting the proper claims to attract new generations of demanding consumers, let alone finding the ingredients needed to enable sales and control costs.

For those needing extra assistance solving a wellness-related formulation challenge, Ingredion’s experts can suggest specific ingredients from our portfolio that can meet or enable a variety of wellness choices, including:

  • Clean label and no artificial flavours or ingredients
  • Sustainable, ethical and traceable
  • Plant-based, non-GMO, organic, vegan or vegetarian
  • Halal, gluten-free, allergen-free or keto-friendly

These claims and attributes are important for consumers because ingredient choice can play a significant role in enabling healthier habits, which in turn reduce stresses on the body and help individuals feel their best.

Wellness claims influencing food and beverage sales

Percentages indicate what respondents say are the most important label claims they want to see on packaged foods and beverages.

Wellness claims influencing food and beverage sales
Source: Ingredion Atlas Proprietary Research, 2020
Source: Ingredion Atlas Proprietary Research, 2020
Ingredient Selection Guide

Your guide to better nutrition, health and wellness ingredients

Capture consumer demand for healthier food and beverages with the right combination of features without sacrificing taste. Ingredion experts can help you delight customers and while differentiating your brand from the competition.

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Navigate complex nutrition, health and wellness challenges with Ingredion

Nutrition, health and wellness expertise

Nutrition, health and wellness expertise

Our portfolio of clean and simple, sustainable, ethical and nutritional ingredients helps brands appeal to consumers looking to food and beverage to address health needs and lifestyle choices.

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Nutrition challenges

Nutrition challenges

Boost nutrition benefits and win over health-conscious consumers with our capabilities in formulating for better nutrition.

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Health challenges

Health challenges

Create food and beverages for digestive health and metabolic management with our healthy ingredients and expertise.

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Get support developing products with cleaner labels and more wellness benefits

"Consumers have already embraced the idea of simple, more natural, and less processed ingredient lists…Now they are beginning to seek out purity in the way the ingredients were sourced as well, learning about farming practices and ethical sourcing” According to the Hartman Group, “How products are made, the ingredients used, sustainability and authenticity in the whole production and distribution process are increasingly important.”2

With our broad selection of wellness ingredients, our deep nutrition, health and wellness formulation expertise and vast knowledge base of global regulations, Ingredion makes it easy for food and beverage manufacturers to hone labels and messaging for any application, including plant-based proteins, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, ethical and sustainable.

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Raise the bar with clean label

With Ingredion on your team, you gain a partner with unique experience in developing clean and simple ingredient solutions that can help you deliver on both your performance requirements and brand strategy.

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The Sugar Reduction LCA

Discover how PureCircle by Ingredion elevates the sustainability of sugar reduction by reading our Sugar Reduction Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), which explores how stevia compares — and wins — against other sweeteners across multiple environmental impact metrics.

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Ingredion’s plant proteins recognised for sustainability excellence

Our ultra-performance line of plant-based protein solutions has been named the Best Plant-Based Sustainability winner during the 2022 World Plant-Based Awards. This better tasting, more sustainable product line provides great versatility in a variety of applications.

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Find a solution for your specific food or beverage application needs

Whether you’re trying to simplify labels, ensure products are delicious or help consumers make healthier choices, Ingredion has the ingredients and expertise to help.

Plant-based sausage in skillet

Plant-based proteins

Add protein without sacrificing taste or texture.

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Sugar-reduced cake with berries

Sugar reduction

Achieve sweetness innovation.

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Get ahead with in-demand ingredients tailored to your needs.

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Plant-based shredded cheese

Plant-based dairy alternatives

Solve plant-based dairy formulating challenges with Ingredion's deep knowhow and portfolio of solutions.

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The race to offer consumers more sustainable options and meet corporate sustainability goals has never been more intense. Responsible sourcing, healthy eating and simple labels are increasingly important to consumers.

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Resource library

Explore a wealth of resources from Ingredion to help you be what's next.

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Let's make your wellness goals a reality

It's up to manufacturers to deliver products that meet evolving consumer dietary and lifestyle needs. We can help.

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1 - Source: Global Wellness Institute
2 - Hartman Group Health & Wellness 2021

Product availability differs by country. Reach out to our experts to find a suitable solution for your needs.