CATALYST programme

Fast-track your product development with customised co-creation from Ingredion's experts in Asia Pacific

Create what consumers crave with Ingredion’s portfolio of successful formulations

Consumer tastes are evolving fast—standing out in this competitive market requires a special dedication to innovation, and a wealth of industry knowledge. As companies continually innovate products to deliver the eating experiences that shoppers seek, tapping into the portfolio of an industry leader is key to a successful product.

Working with a dedicated outside R&D resource can be the right solution to bring you a winning formula. But how can you be sure your development partner has the technical expertise and rich partner ecosystem needed for a faster and more successful launch?

With Ingredion’s wide portfolio of solutions and long history of formulation expertise, we empower you with the ability to differentiate your products and offer much-needed flexibility to refresh existing product lines to meet consumer demand with speed to market.

Ingredion's CATALYST™ co-creation programme provides a complete, holistic answer with a higher chance of success.

How the CATALYST™ programme works harder for you

From our first discussion to the winning formulation that secures your successful launch, we prioritise making your product development journey smooth and steady.

Our CATALYST™ programme plan is founded on strong commitments, deep partnerships and vested interest by all participants.

  • Engagements based on clearly-defined timelines, deliverables and costs
  • Transparent, communicative approach helps drive results in a shorter period of time
  • Support for each stage of your development process for cheese-based applications, such as:

            -   Insight & discovery

            -   Concept creation

            -   Prototyping & testing

            -   Scale-up & co-manufacturing

            -   Product launch

Here's the breakdown of how we deliver, in three main steps:

1. Tailor your development plan to deliver on targets

Based on upfront dialogue and your project brief, we develop a thorough working proposal to deliver on your targets, with well-defined and mutually agreed costs, timelines and deliverables.

2. Formulate your winning solution with our experts

  • Our cross-functional team collaborates with you to develop, prototype, test and refine your end-formula.
  • We apply our formulation expertise, as well as our comprehensive ingredient portfolio and/or other providers' solutions where necessary.
  • The team ensures that the sourcing and pricing details of any outside ingredients are transparent to you.

3. Support you through launch and scale-up

For a seamless idea-to-launch process, our team can provide you with the full support and attention you need—from process troubleshooting to identifying sourcing and manufacturing partners for the product.

Collaboration to a higher standard:
What sets the CATALYST™ programme apart?

Our mutual value ecosystem

We have assembled a team that comprises our extensive community of experts to address your specific application and ingredient needs, supported by our vast global team for inspiration, insight, and assistance where needed. You can rest assured that you're working with a team of professionals who are familiar with the latest products and trends.

End-to-end, holistic approach, customisable to you

Whether you already have an idea that needs translating into a tangible, market-ready product, or seek to discover new opportunities based on market or consumer needs, you now have a holistic, one-stop solution customisable to your product innovation or renovation needs.

  • Projects start with deep insights, strategy and consumer research to form initial concepts

  • Rapid prototyping, testing and refinement process to validate assumptions for best chance of success

  • Complete support available for scale-up, co-manufacturing and more

The Ingredion Advantage

  • Deep formulation expertise in cheese applications

  • More than a century of food ingredient innovation

  • Proprietary research and tools that detail emerging trends in the cheese and dairy space

  • Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centres around the world

  • Working pilot plants for efficient product development



  • Broad and global network of subject-matter experts, especially for new cheese formulations

  • Innovative digital tools for seamless collaboration



Success stories

Cheese co-creation at Ingredion Singapore lab

Ingredion collaborated with a renowned dairy cooperative at the state-of-the-art Idea Labs facility in Singapore to evaluate a new dairy ingredient for processed cheese.

Vegan block cheese collaboration

The Ingredion Asia Pacific team collaborated with a sustainable protein company to create a vegan block cheese that melts and grates just like dairy cheese.

The team used a systematic approach that encompasses starches, gums and pulse protein to create a plant-based block cheese that mimics the mouthfeel and texture of real dairy cheese, making it a satisfying eating experience for those keen on a plant-based lifestyle.

Contact us to learn how the CATALYST™ programme can accelerate your product innovation efforts for cheese applications in Asia Pacific

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