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From table, cooking or pasta sauces to mayonnaise and salad dressings, growth in the sauces and dressings category in Asia Pacific  is vibrant and anticipated to be up 6.8 % in volume and 9.5% in current value as consumers are looking to enjoy homemade sauces conveniently.1

Sauces and dressings are the ultimate magic makers in every meal. More consumers are choosing to recreate flavors and textures from their culinary traditions or experience and experiment foreign cuisines.

A spoonful of tomato sauce above a bowl

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Formulate sauces and dressings that are texturally appealing, healthier, more convenient, and innovative.

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A bowl of mayonnaise with a whisk and eggs on a board

Tempt with texture

Bring adventure to your sauces and dressings with delightfully surprising textures. Think creamy, smooth, pulpy and bold. Formulate your products into a new standard in the minds of consumers.

A selection of fresh vegetables with a creamy dip

Simplicity is king

Did you know that 85% of consumers in APAC will read the ingredient list on the packaged foods and beverages they normally buy,2 and that 83% of consumers in APAC indicated that it is important to have a short and simple ingredient list? 3 Develop clean label products that do away with artificial-sounding ingredients and build consumers’ confidence in your products with ingredients that consumers enjoy and trust.

A bowl of antipasti spread and a breadstick

Amaze with plant-based

Crafting premium sauces and dressings that enhance offerings in vegan, dairy- and gluten-free diets has never been easier. You’ll find a stream of ideas and solutions from our portfolio of plant-based ingredients to cater to consumers who are embracing a vegan, dairy- and gluten-free lifestyle whilst keeping your production costs low.

Celeriac veloute with a vegetable garnish and bread

Redefine convenience

Whether your sauces and dressings are available as convenience products in powder, canned, frozen or boil-in-the bag form, we can work with you to balance the need to deliver convenience, performance and keeping your competitive advantage. Innovate with us the smart way.

Rethink affordable

Our leading-edge formulations replace costly ingredients such as butter, cream, vegetable and fruit pulp saving you time and money. Formulate sauces and dressings with no changes in shelf life, texture and visual appeal.

A bowl of mayonnaise surrounded by steak, chips and vegetables

Reduce to impress

Does reducing oil in mayonnaise poses a real challenge in obtaining emulsion-stability? Are you considering reducing sugar or salt in a scrumptious sauce? Work with us to deliver healthy options that are appealing, indulgent, guilt-free without any compromise on texture.

Discover and innovate to stay ahead with Ingredion:

  • Creating worth-eating sensory experiences your competition cannot match. Move with ease from smoothness to pulpiness with our extensive portfolio of starch solutions, as well as with our sensory and processing improvement capabilities
  • Redefining your products into clean label products that maintain exceptional process tolerance, texture and product stability with our innovative line of clean label ingredients
  • Reducing the use of costly ingredients, such as cream, eggs and oil to create sauces and dressings with exceptional texture, appearance and longer shelf life that caters to wider consumer segments
  • Formulating with multi-functional flours and sweeteners to reduce the amount of sugar in sauces while meeting consumer expectations
  • Reduce the oil content in dressings without losing texture, richness, appearance, viscosity and emulsion-stability with our wide range of starches and hydrocolloids that can be used in combination to address those challenges
  • Breaking through delivering novelties with plant-based proteins

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