NATIVACARE natural starches

Create clean beauty, personal care products with integrity and texture

Develop organic, non-toxic, naturally derived personal care solutions

One of the biggest megatrends in personal care is the desire for natural and organic ingredients that are safer and healthier. Now, you can elevate the clean beauty conversation and spotlight effectiveness and sensory appeal with non-GMO corn, rice and tapioca starches.

Create the latest skin and hair care must-haves, including creams and lotions, makeup powders, dry shampoo and deodorant. Discover how versatile plant-based polymers can create superior textures, absorb excess oil and deliver a velvety-soft, silkier after-feel in your personal care products.

  • Available in organic, non-GMO and Ecocert certifications
  • Provide smooth viscosity enhancement and sensory benefits
  • Can be used in both emulsions and waterless products
  • Available for high temperature and room temperature formulae

Discover customer- sensory performance — achieve firmness and thickness

A trained sensory panel found significant statistical difference in formulations with and without NATIVACARE starches. In a facial cream with NATIVACARE 6500, panelists experienced increase firmness and smoother spreadability.

Formulate restorative, renewing products with unforgettable texture and support your clean-label, sustainability journey with natural bio-based starches. Push innovation with lab-proven solutions free from harmful chemicals and irritants, and feel good delivering transparent, non-toxic claims.

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