Oil and gas

Starch-based solutions for more sustainable exploration

The oil and gas industry is highly connected to the world economy and political stability, with regulatory complexity and the price of oil creating continuous market pressures. This has caused oil and gas companies to become more conscious of improving their practices through more sustainable exploration — and Ingredion is there with the starch-based additives, modifiers and aids that help make it possible, including:

  • Fluid loss additives and rheology modifiers that improve oil and gas drilling operations
  • Flocculation aids for mining, oil recovery and water treatment 

Improving performance in drilling fluids and filtrate loss additives

As well-known, environmentally friendly raw materials, starches are an ideal fit in the oil and gas industry to improve performance in drilling fluids and filtrate loss control additives. Ingredion will guide you to the best solution and rheological profiles to meet your performance needs.

Environmentally friendly flocculation aid

In oil recovery applications, our well-known and environmentally friendly TOPCAT® modified starches serve as a highly effective flocculation agent in oil/water demulsification.

Fluid loss additives for water-based muds

Ingredion's AMIDEX® and PROPILEX® filtrate loss additives have won over South American customers with their consistent performance and earth-friendly characteristics. And that’s just a start. Bio-esters for synthetic mud and gum replacement, emulsifiers for OBMs (oil-based muds) — with Ingredion innovation, the solution possibilities are limitless.