Snacking smarter than ever: Convenient, fun and nutritious

Snacking is big business all over the world, especially in Asia-Pacific (APAC) where we’re seeing the greatest market potential. APAC is the largest market for both snacks category and savoury/salty snacks launches in 2020 and accounts for 49% of total sales.1

Like all food categories, consumers are looking out for healthy and nutritionally-densed snacks. This has driven a surge of NPIs where the snacking industry is seeking to expand their consumer base by pushing out protein-rich snacks, natural and active benefit claims.

Consumers are also seeking snacks that are fun to consume – snacks wrapped in adventurous textures and with a greater feeling of indulgence.2

Food and flavours that reflect local flavours make for an exciting snack, with vegetable-based snacks gaining prominence, posting a CAGR of 34.6% between 2015-2019, across APAC.3


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Texture makes perfect

The quest for heightened sensory experiences is constantly opening spaces for innovation. Food brands are highlighting the textures of their products and creating products that are specifically made to enhance sensorial experiences outside of taste alone. Popped and puffed extruded snacks, chewy mochi and bubble tea textures make the snacking experience feels right at home with Asian consumers. Consumers want to strike a balance between snacking and staying healthy by chasing a lighter enjoyment - lightness in sweetness, flavours, texture and portion. The right texture will enhance the overall snacking experience. Work with us not just to optimise sensory but to transform it and set new standards of delight in the minds of your consumers.

Pack it with protein

Protein-rich snacks are growing in popularity, and food manufacturers are cashing on this trend with close to 230 products being launched with claims of being high, or a source of protein in 2020.4 Additionally, the emphasis on flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan diets is encouraging plant-based new product launches. Talk to our experts about your ideas and challenges and we may just have the right protein solution for you.

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Give fibre a high five

Consumers say that they want to eat more fibre. Fibre-enriched snacks can enhance fibre intake. Choose the right fibre and dosage to bring consumers all the benefits without any discomfort and help them meet their daily fibre targets. Work with our experts to incorporate our innovative fibre ingredients to achieve new label claims such as " "fibre-rich", "reduced calories" or “low carb".

Less salt

Low sodium is one of the top five claims across categories.3 Consumers are receptive to low sodium snacks that are innovative but with no compromise on taste. Join the pledge and create optimised low sodium snacks with us.

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  • Help consumers to meet their daily fibre intake formulating with our innovative fibre solutions.
  • Make a lasting impression by building back flavour in low sodium snacks with PureCircle® ingredients.

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