Building a greener future

Modern building design calls for ever-increasing sustainability in construction and maintenance. That's why more building materials manufacturers are teaming with Ingredion for bio-based building solutions that help them gain operational efficiencies and even lower carbon footprints.

Made from sources that are naturally grown and are in plentiful supply across temperate-climate countries, Ingredion biomaterials offer high functionality and performance together with environmental benefits including greater insulation ability and improving proportion of bio-content.

Improve roof shingle adhesive performance

Asphalt roofing binder needs to be formulated for film forming and binding strength, and that's where our biomaterials can play an important role in your products. Rheology modification in roofing adhesive formulation can increase rigidity, improve processing of the material, while increasing the bio-content.

Insulate with starch-based solutions

Starch is biodegradable, inexpensive and readily available in abundant quantity — and as an extruded foam it offers advantages in many construction insulation applications, delivering heat capacity, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity. Modified starch, saccharides, and polyol can be used as binders, humectants and for natural replacement of synthetic materials. Additionally, our liquid cationic line can be used as a binder for the fiberglass felt or mineral wool.

Mix in starch ethers for improved workability in dry mortar

Starch ethers are the natural choice for replacing or partially replacing cellulose ethers in dry mortar to better control in rheology and improving workability. Other benefits include anti-sagging, anti-slipping, decreased stickiness, enhanced pump ability of machine- applied mortars, enhanced water retention (synergistic use with cellulose ethers), enhanced binding to surfaces and increased adhesion strength.


Boost cement-based systems with modified natural polymers

Modified natural polymers can act effectively as the organic binder in the form of re-dispersible powder. This provides the ability to form insoluble and continuous film after drying to adhere particles together or to bridge interfacial zone between mortar and substrate. Our product can be applied in cement-based systems such as renders, adhesives and screeds to create functional surfaces for interior and exterior use.

Get better binding and appearance in drywall/gypsum

For a naturally-derived advantage in the manufacture of drywall and gypsum board, Ingredion modified starches can play an important role by improving binding performance. Our dextrose can be used as an anti-browning agent to ensure a high-quality appearance.