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Whether purchasing dish soap or laundry detergents or spray cleaning products, consumers want gentle, eco-friendly ingredients in their homecare products. With Ingredion's wide range of bio-based additives, you can answer this need — without sacrificing performance, quality and cost compared to traditional homecare additives.

By delivering equivalent performance and flexible formats that meet consumer demands, these additives offer a cost comparable to synthetic alternatives. All to help you deliver all the functionality of traditional additives, with a clean and safe ingredient experience.

Improve laundry care with sustainable additive solutions

Better cleanliness. Anti-redeposition. Eco-friendly and sustainable solutions. With Ingredion bio-based additives you can provide consumers effective laundry products that are safe, gentle and formatted to meet their lifestyles.

Achieve superior cleaning and conditioning with Ingredion’s range of additives including:

  • PENFORD® GUM  solutions for clog-free laundry sprays
  • ECOSENTEUR® anti-redeposition agents to prevent colour and impurities from depositing back on fabric
  • Special laundry sheets starch binder provides superior smooth formations
  • Farmal® MD and SORBO® bio-based film formers and binders for flexible pod or tablet detergent formats

Provide long-lasting freshness in laundry detergents

Deliver on discerning consumer needs for efficacy, sustainability and performance of cleaning products with the ECOSENTEUR LNP range of fragrance encapsulation/booster solutions. With a highly effective and unique encapsulation matrix, these solutions deliver desired fragrance for longer — with savings due to reduced fragrance loss over time.

Give your laundry sheets a smooth, premium finish

With starch binder technology from Ingredion, you can formulate laundry sheets that provide a smooth, satiny finish, for snag-free dispensing and an optimal consumer experience.

Create dishwasher tablets with a bio-based advantage

Ingredion bio-based film formers and binders enable manufacturers of dishwasher tablets to leverage the sustainable appeal of naturally derived materials in their products. Leverage our bio-based coating and binding solutions in flexible formats for pod or tablet applications.

Turn heads with Ingredion

Our team of technical and market experts are standing by to help you design winning products. With a culture of collaboration and deep formulation expertise, we are your dedicated guide to sustainable, on-trend personal care.

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