NOVELOSE® Resistant Starches

NOVELOSE® Resistant Starches

If there’s one health benefit today’s consumers understand and want, it’s fibre. The increasing incidence of diabetes and obesity, and rising awareness of preventing such health issues via a healthy diet, have driven the demand for high-fibre foods in Asia Pacific.

As you work to enrich the fibre content of your products, you have to overcome the unappealing effects fibre can often have on taste, texture and appearance. Now, NOVELOSE® resistant starches are here to help you provide the fibre-rich and reduced- calorie products consumers want while delivering just the right taste and texture in your baked goods, pasta, noodles and extruded cereal and snacks.

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Capture the growing fibre trend. Increase fibre, reduce calories, maintain appeal.

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Consumer awareness about dietary fibre and the health benefits associated with its increased consumption are on the rise. According to a 2015 Nielsen Global Health & Wellness report, 36% of respondents rated foods high in fibre as very important, with Asia Pacific closely mirroring global averages for the desire for foods that are high in fibre, and are low in carbohydrates and reduced calories.

With escalating sales of functional and health foods that provide both nutrition as well as good sensory properties that meet consumer needs, the strong demand for dietary fibre is expected to continue in Asia Pacific. In fact, the region is projected to lead the growth of dietary fibre demand, predicted to make up more than 17% of the global dietary fibre market share by 2020[1].

Stay on top of these trends with NOVELOSE®, a novel, insoluble, type 4 resistant starch that offers little to no impact on taste, colour or texture.

[1] Mordor Intelligence, Global Dietary Fiber Market - Growth, Trends and Forecasts (2016 - 2021), August 2016.


Raise the fibre content of your products and win in the label-to-label comparisons taking place in stores. Make your products stand out in the marketplace with claims like “good source of fibre” or “excellent source of fibre” as well as “gluten-free”, stimulating trial and repeat purchases. Health-conscious consumers will also appreciate the potential calorie and carbohydrate reduction.


Ease of use makes NOVELOSE® dietary fibres a good choice for getting high-fibre products to market quickly and efficiently. Enjoy water-holding capacity similar to that of wheat flour for processing ease. You can also realize higher fibre fortification at a reduced cost-in-use.

NOVELOSE® dietary fibres are available in tapioca-, wheat-, and potato-based options, to offer you the product functionality that best fits with your requirements.