PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch

Deliver superior functionality to high-moisture applications

Instantly thicken and enhance the performance of dressings, sauces and fillings with PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch

Consumers in Asia are increasingly drawn to westernised food like salads, which they not only seek in restaurants but want to prepare at home too. They also desire convenience and preparing accompanying dressings or sauces from scratch may not always be possible in their busy lifestyles. This need for convenience is of prime importance in the foodservice industry as well, due to the rise in quick service restaurants. These trends have resulted in a demand for packaged, off-the-shelf salad dressings, sauces and fillings.

For market-leading products that win consumers over, manufacturers will require ingredients that offer high quality and functionality over an extended period. In addition, the ingredients should ideally be cost-effective and time-saving to allow speed to market. PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch provides an instant thickening effect, delivering exceptional viscosity and texture throughout the product shelf life. The starch can also withstand harsh processing conditions to maintain the overall stability of the formulation. Importantly, it is produced in Asia, letting manufacturers in the region enjoy the benefit of proximity with better control of the supply chain and a shorter lead time.

PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch’s versatility makes it ideal for applications such as spicy peanut dressing – a concept in line with the trend of regional manufacturers producing localised flavours in dressings and sauces. Having a clean taste profile and being able to impart glossiness, the starch is also a great texturiser for vibrant and rich herb-based dips. When used along with N-CREAMER® 3334 starch to replace eggs, PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch is perfect for thick, vegan mayo-like dressings too.

Introducing PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch

PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch is a cold-water swelling starch that is ideal for high-moisture applications such as salad dressing, sauces, bakery fillings and premixes. Key features and benefits of the pre-gelatinised starch include:

  • Provision of instant thickening with no thermal treatment needed
  • Ability to withstand harsh processing conditions
  • Ability to deliver high viscosity and exceptional texture, throughout the product shelf life
  • Suitability for various applications ranging from neutral to acidic formulations
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ability to enhance shape retention and bake stability of bakery filling

Stable viscosity throughout the product shelf life

A study was conducted to monitor the viscosity of salad dressing with PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch, stored at different temperatures from chilled to ambient to accelerated. As seen in Figure 1, the starch provides stable viscosity throughout the period of three months, regardless of the storage temperature.

In addition, as revealed in Figure 2, oil droplets were small and evenly distributed in the fresh dressing, a parameter that manufacturers aim to achieve.

This study proves that PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch can maintain the overall stability of the formulation despite harsh processing conditions – making it an ideal choice for manufacturers.

PRECISA® Cream 7310 starch

Boost performance of high-moisture applications.

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