PRECISA® Crisp food texturisers

A texture for every occasion

Optimise texture and crunch in baked snacks with PRECISA® Crisp texturisers

The consumers of today want a different snack for every occasion. From snacking for a quick energy top-up to a mood boost, each type of snack demands its own unique texture to enhance the holistic eating experience and make a lasting impression.

Give consumers the textures they want in baked biscuits, crackers and potato chips with PRECISA® Crisp texturisers. The series of cost-efficient texturisers, based on corn, tapioca, potato and sago starches, enables you to modify and create customised textures in sheeted snacks to fulfill different functionalities.

Not only do PRECISA® Crisp texturisers optimise texture, they also improve dough cohesiveness and sheetability, reducing breakage and improving your bottom line through cost savings.


Despite the rising demand for exciting and pleasurable textures, consumers largely are unable to articulate and describe their ideal textures. Ingredion’s sensory capabilities help to translate consumer texture terms into scientific measurable attributes.

Experiment with dissolvability, moistness, hardness and volume of sound to offer consumers a unique and differentiated sensory experience. In conjunction with our snack texture experts, you can give each bite a signature crunch.

Descriptive sensory analysis:

Transform cracker texture from “hard” and “loud” to “crispy” and “delicate”.



If you’ve ever opened a bag of chips and felt disappointment at seeing a bag full of broken chips you know the frustration that breakage can cause. Reduce breakage and increase affordability with our PRECISA® Crisp texturisers, which create the binding power and dough cohesiveness needed to prevent sheeted snack breakage and fractures — so your products will be delivered to the consumer looking just as fresh as the day they were made.

  • Create textures from light and melt-in-the-mouth to thick and crunchy
  • Improve dough cohesiveness and sheetability
  • Tailor expansion
  • Reduce breakage and improve chip retention
  • Bind moisture during mixing
  • Produce baked snacks with clean label or modified ingredient options


Whether it is snacking as a mood-lifter or to bridge hunger till the next meal, the rise of snacking has been coined as the snackification phenomenon. Consumers are craving for new textures, beyond just flavour, to suit different snacking occasions, resulting in an increasing demand for texture innovation.

With PRECISA® Crisp texturisers, you can satisfy the demand by extending your brand with new and unique textures to cater to different snacking moments.


Now you can develop baked snacks and provide consumers with their preferred textural and eating experience with the PRECISA® CRISP series of snack texturisers. Create your baked snacks with enhanced textures, optimal expansion and reduced breakage.

Collaborate with us and contact our snack texture experts.

Optimise baked snacks

Create baked snacks with enhanced textures, optimal expansion and reduced breakage.

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