SIMPLISTICA® DY 7211 Stabiliser System

Elevate eating experiences with sliceable, grateable & meltable plant-based cheese

Use SIMPLISTICA® DY 7211 stabiliser system for plant-based indulgence in cheese applications

With the recent surge in consumer demand for plant-based products, supermarket shelves and foodservice operators are stocking up on new and innovative plant-based solutions to please flexitarian, vegan and vegetarian crowds.

Elevating eating experiences with desirable cheesy traits

Creating enjoyable eating experiences for consumers is at the heart of the SIMPLISTICA® DY 7211 stabiliser system. Designed by our experts with a long history of formulation expertise, the SIMPLISTICA® DY 7211 stabiliser system provides multiple key functions such as emulsification, elasticity and manageable filling viscosity for plant-based cheese applications.

This system is versatile and can be applied to analogue and processed cheese products. It is also known for its ability to melt like real cheese and keeps plant-based cheese moist, making it the perfect filling or topping for any meal or snack.

Varied application formats for an all-rounded solution

Sliceable and grateable plant-based cheese is made possible with the SIMPLISTICA® DY 7211 stabiliser system. Its flexible, non-sticky surface makes it easy to slice without sticking and does not clump when shredded—ideal for handling, be it in an industrial kitchen or processing plant.

This wide range of applications is possible because of Ingredion's strong formulation expertise and deep knowledge of dairy-free cheeses, allowing us to re-create distinct textures and eating experiences for consumers who demand different cheese types to suit their lifestyle needs.

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