TIC® Gum Arabic

Sustainably sourced, high quality gum arabic

Give your beverages the clarity and flavours consumers will enjoy to the last drop. Enhance your confectionery with the crunchy or chewy textures that win smiles every time. Extend the shelf life of your baked goods or snacks to ensure they rise to expectations.

With low viscosity, no taste or odour, gum arabic can be used in a wide variety of food and beverages. TIC gum arabic products deliver high quality and superior performance.

Experts in the strategic sourcing of gum arabic

The strong supplier network of Ingredion’s “TIC Gums”, is critical in ensuring the security, stability, traceability and consistency in the supply chain and quality of its “gum arabic” powders.

Sourced from specific villages that surround the wild acacia forest in the Sahel region of Africa, this direct village contact as well as the deep scientific knowledge and resources of the Ingredion field teams, ensures consistently high quality and ongoing supply year after year.

Traceability goes all the way to the specific area and trees of the forest in which the gum was collected, tracking it down the process path until it becomes the best quality finished acacia powder. Collectors pick the dried gum from the Senegal and Seyal trees and dry, clean, sort and pack the dried gum to be shipped and processed into the highest quality acacia gum powders available on the market.

The result for food and beverage manufacturers who use “TIC Gums”, is security, stability, traceability and consistency of the highest quality “gum arabic” powders, so you can produce the best quality products every time without variation.

Our new product range from Thailand

The gum arabic products are produced in our manufacturing facility in Thailand, further streamlining supply in the Asia-Pacific region. Ask us about the product that best suits your needs.

Application Function

Beverage flavour, colour and oil emulsions

Provides emulsification

Ice cream and frozen desserts

Synthetic emulsifier replacement, reduces ice crystal formation and enables fat reduction

Dressings, sauces

Provides emulsification and mouthfeel


Flavour encapsulation/spray dried, tableting


- Hard confectionery - provides hard brittle textures

- Soft confectionery - provides soft, chewy textures

- Imparts firmness to reduce breakage during pan coating

Beverages, soups

Enhances mouthfeel, provides emulsification

Bars and snacks

Acts as a binder and emulsifier, improving texture, reducing breakage and enhancing crispiness

Bakery - icing, glazes, fillings, cakes, muffins, cookies

Improves texture, stability and emulsification in bakery products. Helps build back texture in sugar reduced bakery products

Reliable gums for great products

From improving the texture of a gluten-free muffin to stabilising a non-protein dairy drink; hydrocolloids can provide the tools you need to formulate or reformulate to satisfy key trends and achieve the textures, consistency and visual appeal consumers crave and expect.

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