Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system

Enhance mouthfeel and suspension for delicious drinking experiences

Optimise the sensory appeal of instant beverages with Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system

Convenience remains one of the most influential trends across the food industry, and the beverages sector is no exception. From 3-in-1 mixes, to high-protein smoothies and meal replacement shakes, instant beverages have huge appeal for today’s busy consumer.

Those that not only offer instant refreshment, but also support nutrition, health and wellness goals are particularly high in demand. Just consider the successful transition of instant protein beverages from sports niche to mainstream; it’s a category that continues to go from strength to strength.

Of course, that’s only part of the story. To successfully win consumer approval, the final beverage must also meet expectations in terms of enjoyment — and textural attributes are key.

Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system has been developed to enhance texture and suspension in a wide range of instant beverage applications. A cold-water, stabiliser system, it dissolves easily in solution and delivers a number of important functional benefits to ensure a delicious drinking experience.

Specifically developed to target instant beverage applications, Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system can help you create an exciting range of great-tasting, convenient and enjoyable products.


Whether boosting nutritional content or developing a rich, indulgent chocolate flavor, Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system can help you create beverages with distinctly superior textures by:

  • Reducing chalkiness associated with high protein or insoluble ingredients, such as cocoa powder.
  • Uniform and quick dispersion during reconstitution
  • Improved hydration to assist rapid viscosity development
  • Consistent viscosity over an extended period of time
  • Advanced suspension of solids for superior mouthfeel


Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system is supported by proven research and ongoing applications success.

Ticaloid® ULTRASMOOTH stabiliser system

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Enhance texture and suspension in fortified instant beverages

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