VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins

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Meet the demand for protein-enriched, delicious foods with VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins

Create exciting new food products that are highly nutritious and protein-enriched with our new range of pulse proteins. VITESSENCE® Pulse protein concentrates pack fibre and micronurtrients along with 55% to 60% protein and are great for formulations with a balance nutrition positioning. VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803 pea protein isolate with an 80% protein concentration, is great for protein fortification, helping you to achieve front-of-pack "high protein" claims easily.

Use pulse-based protein alternatives to deliver healthy, great tasting food

Plant-based eating continues to be a trending hot topic globally, driven by healthier and cleaner eating, sustainability, and animal welfare.

New product launches with vegan/vegetarian claims in APAC experience a 16.1% growth (%CAGR 2014-2018), on par with the global average.1 Closer to home, number of products labelled ‘vegan’ in Australia has grown by 92% in the past 2 years, while the vegan/vegetarian population in China has reached more than 50 million.2

It is clear that plant-based foods are in demand and appeals to a broader consumer audience as we see new segments such as snacks, bakery, and dairy alternatives leading new product innovations in APAC.

Sustainably sourced from peas, lentils, chickpeas and faba beans (commonly known also as broad beans). Ingredion’s wide range of pulse flours as well as protein concentrates and isolates are suitable for a variety of applications.

Naturally gluten-free and based on plant protein, our pulse proteins can be used to enrich a wide range of new and differentiated products, from bakery products, snacks and cereals, pasta, batters and breadings to meat substitutes.

  • Nutritious – highly nutritious, protein-rich plant protein
  • Clean label – additive free
  • Gluten-free – free from gluten
  • Non-GMO – free from GMO’s

1. Innova Market Insights 2019

2. Food Science: Protein trend: Plant-based proteins will continue to flourish in Asia, February 2017, Mintel GNPD

VITESSENCE® Pulse proteins

VITESSENCE® pulse-based proteins can boost the nutritional profile of your formulations and also help support popular label claims such as non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free.

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Explore applications

Bakery products

Proteins to help differentiate your bakery products. Higher protein and healthier baked goods.


Fortify cereals and cereal bars with protein at a reasonable cost, but without egg or dairy.


Fortify beverages with protein at a reasonable cost with vegetable-sourced protein.

Prepared foods

Fortify prepared foods with protein at a reasonable cost, but without egg or dairy.