Rice starches and flours

Create clean and simple textures without compromise

Reimagine what's possible with the sustainably sourced and clean label ingredients consumers prefer

One of the world's favourite staple foods may be just what you need to develop all-new products or reformulate existing recipes. This is because rice starches and flours deliver just-right textures, from smooth, silky sauces to light, crisp snacks and coatings — all while meeting the demand for clean labels and without compromising flavour or performance.

For the right rice-based solution, Ingredion is the one name to know. Offering a broad and unique native functional rice portfolio, we can help lead you to the right solution that meets your precise needs. Plus, you can count on our more than two decades of experience in clean label ingredients, and our secure and reliable supply chain.

The texturising option that meets consumers’ appeal for clean label and sustainability

Rice starches and flours help meet consumer demands for healthier, clean label products with simple ingredients. According to Ingredion's proprietary research, rice flour is one of the most acceptable ingredients with 77% of consumers finding it acceptable.1

In addition, consumers are willing to pay more for cleaner and more sustainable products. Based on our research, a yoghurt with rice starch and sustainability claims will be more appealing and 1 in 3 consumers are willing to pay 30% more for such claims.1

Get the functional performance you demand

Native functional rice starches and flours provide versatile functionality, including excellent shelf life stability in ambient, refrigerated or frozen conditions. And these starches and flours can also shine in specialised applications. For example, rice flours further improve the yield, reduce the purge and create differentiated texture as compared to potato starch or phosphates in marinated tumbled chicken. These solutions can also help remove and replace unwanted ingredients such as titanium dioxide for whitening in confectionery coatings, and enable non-corn labelling for pet food, baby meals, snacks and gluten-free baked goods.

Waxy rice

Waxy rice is a fat mimetic which will impart creamy, spreadable and smooth texture in dairy or savoury applications. It can also help you achieve light crispiness in snacks and coatings, and it can create an appealing mochi texture. Highly stable in high-moisture applications, it also increases water-holding capacity in meats.

Regular rice

Regular rice when dispersed in high-moisture systems provides opacity, whiteness and smoothness, making it ideal for low-fat applications as well as potential replacement of titanium dioxide. With excellent film forming capability, regular rice can help to improve crunchiness and potentially reduce oil pickup in fried coatings and snacks as well as providing desirable slight gelling texture in dairy desserts and puddings.

Deliver great eating experiences with waxy rice

Formulate with waxy rice to create the right combination of consumer-preferred benefits that create more consumer value, have a meaningful impact on sustainability and help increase profitability and market share.

Ingredion is the first company to use sustainably sourced broken waxy rice to make functional native starches and flours.2

See how our rice solutions can keep consumers coming back for more — and help you differentiate and elevate your brand in a crowded marketplace.

Explore our rice solutions portfolio

With our rice starches and flours, you can differentiate your products and get to market faster. Connect with our teams of technical experts to discover how to formulate products that are non-GMO, not produced using regulated allergens, and are kosher, halal, vegan and vegetarian. We're ready to help you bring your dairy-, egg-, gluten-, gelatin- and soy-free vision to life. Organic options are available.

Starches Flours

NOVATION® Lumina 8300 and NOVATION® Lumina 8600 functional native waxy rice starches

  • Excellent process tolerance and stability
  • Provide smooth and creamy mouthfeel
  • Recommended for: Bakery products including gluten free products, bakery fillings, dairy, processed meat, savoury, baby food, pet food

HOMECRAFT® Create 835 and HOMECRAFT® Create 865 multifunctional rice flours

  • Excellent process tolerance and stability
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Simple “rice flour” label
  • Enhance crispiness
  • Recommended for: Bakery products including gluten free products, bakery fillings, dairy, processed meat, batters and breadings, savoury, baby food

PURITY Alpha 805 native waxy rice starch and PURITY Alpha 800 native regular rice starch

  • Cost effective
  • Provide elastic, chewy texture
  • Recommended for: Bakery products including gluten free products, baby food, pet food

PURITY Alpha 806 native waxy rice flour and PURITY Alpha 801 native regular rice flour

  • Simple “rice flour” label
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Provide elastic, chewy texture
  • Enhance crispiness
  • Recommended for: Bakery products including gluten free products, batters and breadings, baby food, pet food

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1. ATLAS, Ingredion Proprietary Global Consumer Research, 2023

2. Audited by the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP)