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Whether you're scaling up, prototyping a new concept, or honing in on a just-right formula, our team of highly experienced scientists are ready to answer your most pressing technical questions.  Read through our team profiles and connect with our panel of experts who can help with your unique challenge.

Finna Natacia

Finna serves as Innovation Lead for low moisture systems in Asia Pacific. She has been with Ingredion since 2008 and has a breadth of experience from working directly in the food industry. Finna is a lead subject matter expert in a variety of bakery and snack applications including crackers, cookies, sheeted snacks, wafers and crispy pies.

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Ellen Luo

Ellen has worked with Ingredion for over 16 years and currently is a manager for the Bakery & Snack and Savoury teams in the Shanghai, China office.  She has extensive technical experience working across a breadth of applications, including bakery, snacks, sauces, dressings, dairy and beverages.

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Beak Sheon Chong

Sheon has been with Ingredion for 11 years and is based in Singapore as a Principal Technologist.  Sheon has extensive experience addressing formulation challenges in bakery and snack applications, including sugar reduction, texture enhancement, gluten free reformulation and plant protein fortification. 

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