Do you have organic product development or a clean label brief?

Organic foods are often viewed as healthier and safer than their conventional alternatives. COVID-19 has driven an increased interest in products that benefit from a ‘health halo’ and awareness has been raised of the relationship between nutrition and health.

As consumers look to how they can improve nutrition and prevent disease, they are also looking to products that are considered safer and more nutritious than traditional foods. Consumers as a result are spending more on organic products as they look to improve their overall health*.

There are now more ingredient options for your organic or clean label projects. Introducing the NOVATION® 9330 and NOVATION® 9230 organic functional native starches, PURITY® Bio organic native starches, TICorganic® and Ticaloid® stabiliser systems and agave inulin.


More organic ingredient options for your next project

An increased awareness amongst consumers about the health and benefits of organic food products has further stimulated market growth.

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