N-DULGE® 320 starch

Improved texture variety in mochi applications 

Asia Pacific has seen mochi new product launches grow 13% year-on-year from 2016 to 2018 proving their increasing popularity.1 The mochi texture which is soft, chewy and stretchy is adopted in various applications such as breads, doughnut, ice cream, dumpling skin, noodle and more. N-DULGE® 320 starch is one of the Ingredion mochi texture solutions that allows for more texture possibilities and process tolerance making it an effective choice for food manufacturers.

Introducing N-DULGE® 320 starch

Mochi texture can be distinguished based on the degree of softness, chewiness and stretchiness. Ingredion has a wide range of solutions for different types of mochi texture as seen in Figure 1. N-DULGE® 320 starch provides a soft and stretchy texture to mochi applications. Not only does it contribute to a certain distinctive mochi texture, it also provides more performance benefits, such as excellent volume expansion during baking and shape retention after baking when applied in mochi bread.

Figure 1: Texture map for mochi confectionery. Each dot represents a mochi solution from Ingredion.
Figure 1: Texture map for mochi confectionery. Each dot represents a mochi solution from Ingredion.

Process Excellence

N-DULGE® 320 starch boosts the formulation process in the following ways:

  • Delivers excellent process tolerance to shear, heat and various cooking conditions
  • Provides consistent dough cohesiveness
  • Imparts good volume expansion during baking

Consistent Quality

N-DULGE® 320 starch delivers finished product consistency in the following ways:

  • Retains shape and prevents shrinkage after baking
  • Maintains mochi texture throughout shelf-life
  • Improves moisture retention
  • Imparts freeze/thaw stability for chilled and frozen products

Ingredion mochi texture starch offerings

Ingredion has a broad product offerings in mochi texture to create differentiated degree of softness, chewiness and stretchiness according to the requirements of various mochi applications. Manufacturers can also combine these starches to achieve a certain targeted mochi texture. Talk to our experts to find out more.

N-DULGE® 320 starch

Excellent solution for mochi texture.

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