N-ZORBIT™ 2144/2144 DG plating agent

Turn liquids into free-flowing powders

As you answer demand for the innovative spices, seasonings, flavours and actives that go into today’s on-trend foods and beverages, you face many challenges. One is converting these and other ingredients from liquid to powdered form. Today there is a versatile, highly absorbent plating agent that enables you to transform a broad range of hydrophobic and hydrophilic liquids into easy-to-use, free-flowing powders while carrying more concentrated flavour. Discover how N-ZORBIT™ 2144/2144 DG plating agent, from the Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centres, is redefining plating in foods, beverages and beyond.

Plate liquids with the latest high efficiency plating technology

N-ZORBIT™ 2144/2144 DG plating agent transforms a wide variety of liquids, both oil- and water-based, into uniformly blended, flowable powders. You can greatly improve processing efficiency when you use this agent with oils, thick liquids such as honey or chocolate syrup, and liquids that are difficult or expensive to spray dry. You can also plate both water- and oil-based liquids together for delivery in one system. Use N-ZORBIT™ 2144/2144 DG plating agent in a wide variety of applications:

  • Dry mix seasoning blends
  • Instant noodle seasoning mixes
  • Powdered sauces
  • Spice and herbs extracts
  • Confections
  • Flavours
  • Fragrances


Starting with native corn starch, Ingredion scientists developed a highly porous structure that enables much greater absorption. N-ZORBIT™ 2144/2144 DG plating agent allows you to carry up to a 40% load, depending on the active used. The optimised particle size, coupled with right bulk density (350-500 g/L) and increased surface area, enables a higher plating capacity than common carriers such as maltodextrin. With N-ZORBIT™2144/2144 DG plating agent, you can produce highly concentrated actives and vibrant flavours in small volumes of powder, leading to lower cost-in-use and reduced packaging costs. In addition, it is also consumer-friendly as it carries no E-number.


N-ZORBIT™2144/2144 DG plating agent was designed to offer the features and benefits you need most.

  • Better flowability. Optimised bulk density and uniform particle size distribution for easy packing.
  • No special equipment required. Easy to use with existing blenders. Flows through machinery easily without sticking.
  • Dust control. Safer handling for operators and employees. Supports a cleaner manufacturing environment.
  • Alternate to spray drying. Can be used instead of spray drying for delivery of less sensitive actives such as vanilla
  • Reduced hygroscopicity. N-ZORBIT™ 2144/2144 DG plating agent demonstrates less caking and clumping than other plating agents.
  • Consumer-friendly. Made from corn starch, it carries no E-number in Asia Pacific and has no regulatory restrictions or usage limitations in most Asia Pacific countries
  • Reduced storage and transportation costs. More concentrated flavours can reduce inventory, shipping volume and freight costs.

N-ZORBIT 2144/2144 DG plating agent

Expand plating capacity in foods and more.

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