NOVATION® rice starches

Superior texture stability with a clean label

Tapping on the familiarity and recognisability of rice as a staple, our specialty rice ingredients help manufacturers create indulgent, high quality, clean label products that consumers desire.


When it comes to launching a new food product, achieving the perfect texture is key.

Now, with our NOVATION® 8300 and NOVATION® 8600 waxy rice starches, you can create delicious products with indulgent textures that stay rich and creamy over their shelf-life.

Our innovative new rice starches offer enhanced texture stability in foods and perform well even in the most demanding processing conditions. They are particularly suited for challenging applications such as high brix or high in protein foods.

With medium to high process tolerance, our functional clean label rice starches place the power in your hands to create the perfect textures – rich, creamy and indulgent – and the all-important clean label.

Meet the demand for clean label products

According to the latest research, consumers have high awareness and as high as 80% acceptability of rice-based ingredients.1 NOVATION® 8300 and NOVATION® 8600 starches allow manufacturers to meet the growing demand for clean label convenience foods in Asia-Pacific by helping them to create products with an authentic and preferred “rice starch” label.

Our clean label ingredients are produced from a variety of different bases, such as corn, potato, and tapioca. Rice starch is a powerful addition to our extensive range, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of our customers and the ever increasing expectations of consumers.

Ingredion’s NOVATION® portfolio offers the broadest choice of functionalities of any portfolio of clean label starches on the market. Providing low to high process tolerance and texture stability over shelf-life, these products are available in organic varieties and as cook-up or cold water swelling starches.

With unrivalled expertise in clean label formulation spanning over 20 years, CULINOLOGY capability and in-depth technical knowledge, Ingredion is the go-to company for clean label product development as well as recipe reformulation.

NOVATION® 8300 and NOVATION® 8600 starches are ideal for:

  • Fruit preparation in dairy
  • Yoghurt and dairy dessert
  • Soups and sauces
  • Tumbled meat
  • Baby food
  • Ready meals

Create delicious food with our rice starches


  • Waxy rice-based
  • High (NOVATION® 8300 starch) or moderate (NOVATION® 8600 starch) process tolerance
  • Gluten-free
  • Naturally small granule size
  • Label declaration: rice starch
  • Suitable for colour and flavor-sensitive applications
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Excellent texture stability over shelf-life
  • Helps create rich and creamy textures
  • Helps create clean and simple labels that consumers prefer
  • Enables a smooth transition from modified starches to a clean label solution
  • Offers better shelf-life stability than waxy maize or tapioca-based solutions
  • Suited for challenging applications (e.g. high brix or high protein foods in frozen, refrigerated or ambient storage)
  • Supports a “natural” positioning


1. Global consumer research - conducted by MMR Research Worldwide, an independent research agency commissioned by Ingredion.

NOVATION® rice starches

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