Plant-based meat and seafood

Meat-like, chewy, juicy and more: Achieve ideal textures for plant-based meat and seafood

Consumers are hungry for meat and seafood alternatives made from sustainable plant-based proteins. But formulating convincing textures in your plant-based products is no easy task. That's where Ingredion can help move you ahead.

Combining our application expertise and broad portfolio of texture solutions for plant-based meat and seafood, we can help accelerate speed to market with products consumers crave.

Leverage on our full resources, including dedicated pilot plants, to take your idea from formulation to commercialisation while addressing key challenges in texture, binding and more. The team of experts at Ingredion can help with the following:

  • Create convincing meaty textures with just-right bite and texture
  • Ensure highest quality, processing ease and longer shelf-life
  • A dedicated formulation team to improve scalability and speed-to-market

Tap on our expertise in texture

Formulating a product in the plant-based market can be complex, especially when consumers demand an enjoyable eating experience that mimics the texture of real meat and seafood.

Download our latest brochure for insights on how to create ideal textures for plant-based meat and seafood with Ingredion’s formulation expertise.

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Plant-based all-purpose meat Plant-based emulsified meat Plant-based seafood

Formats: Minced meat, burger patties, dumpling filling and meatballs

Formats: Sausage, luncheon meat and ham

Formats: Shrimp, calamari, fishcake and seafood patties

SIMPLISTICA® stabiliser systems and VITESSENCE® ​Tex Crumble 1805 textured protein provide versatility to Plant-Based All-Purpose Meat applications and allow variation in textures, supporting the creation of a range of consumer-friendly formats.


They are also good sources of protein; ‘pea protein’ labelling is possible.​

SIMPLISTICA® stabiliser systems support the creation of various textures and provide product stability during and post-processing, delivering ideal textures and allowing clients to bring their products to market with speed.

Our all-in-one SIMPLISTICA® stabiliser systems are designed to mimic the texture of real seafood, with ideal shapes and structures that support an enjoyable plant-based eating experience.

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Plant-based meat and seafood

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