Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system

Create indulgent, consumer-preferred drinking yoghurts

Use Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system for thick, creamy drinking yoghurt with a refreshing and smooth mouthfeel

Drinking yoghurts have been a popular beverage choice because of the ready-to-drink convenience they allow in busy lifestyles. Moreover, they are also perceived to be healthy by consumers. In a segment with options aplenty, manufacturers have to pay attention to the finer details if they want their products to stand out.

The multifunctional Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system can help manufacturers differentiate their products with superior quality, by delivering protein stability, in an acidic environment as well as ensuring longer shelf life.


Sensorial properties like texture and mouthfeel play a significant role in the perceived quality and indulgence of a drinking yoghurt. Consumers want drinking yoghurts that are smooth and creamy. To meet these expectations of a desirable product, manufacturers have to overcome certain formulation challenges caused by the presence of protein such as loss of viscosity and a grainy texture due to sedimentation.

Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system provides viscosity and minimises sedimentation to enable smoothness and creaminess in texture, mouthfeel as well as appearance. It also gives a cleaner taste due to clean flavour release — enhancing the multi-sensory appeal of the drinking yoghurt.  


Being acidified, drinking yoghurts can face challenges over time such as visual separation. As proven through stability testing conducted over 3 months, Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system reduces visual separation by ensuring protein stability throughout the product’s shelf life. This allows consumers to enjoy the drinking yoghurt for an extended period.


Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system enables manufacturers to replace ingredients — for cost savings without compromising on product quality. Consisting of a combination of gums, the system effectively mimics the functionality of ingredients like pectin which are used to stabilise acidified dairy products. 

Create refreshing & smooth mouthfeel

Boost the indulgence of drinking yoghurt.

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