Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system

Boost the indulgence of drinking yoghurt

In ASEAN, the top 2 texture claims for drinking yoghurt from 2016 to 2019 have been “smooth” and “creamy”.¹ To achieve this, manufacturers of drinking yoghurt need to maintain product stability even with the presence of protein and a low pH level in the formulation – both of which can compromise mouthfeel and visual appeal. Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system minimises sedimentation and allows for a more indulgent drinking yoghurt that is creamier, thicker and visually appealing for an extended period. 

Create thick, creamy drinking yoghurt with Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system

Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system helps manufacturers meet consumers’ expectations of a desirable drinking yoghurt by:

  • Ensuring protein stability throughout shelf life
  • Reducing visual separation
  • Providing viscosity
  • Delivering a creamier mouthfeel
  • Giving a cleaner taste due to clean flavour release

Sensory appeal and stability

Sensory evaluation and stability testing were conducted on a drinking yoghurt using Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system and a reference sample containing pectin. The results were as follows:

Descriptive Analysis of Sensory Evaluation*

The results in Figure 1 show that Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system delivers significant improvements in 3 different aspects when compared to the reference sample.

  • Viscosity Oral – The rate of the flow across the tongue
  • Heaviness – The feel of force on tongue due to gravity
  • Total Residual Mouthcoating – The amount of residue left on the mouth surfaces after swallowing

Destabilisation Kinetics (Global) at 28ºC using Turbiscan® AGS

In Figures 2 and 3, both samples show similar stability performance quantitatively and visually at 28ºC for 3 months. This suggests that Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system can deliver similar results when compared to the reference sample.


*n=8 Trained panels in Singapore took part in the Descriptive Analysis Test (Spectrum). Data was analysed by SENPAQ. 

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Ticaloid® BD-2910 stabiliser system

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