Modified starches

Improve product performance with modified starches

Starch isn’t just starch. Starch transforms texture, enhances shelf life and creates enjoyable eating experiences, without compromise.

Classified as a food additive, modified starches are assigned an E number to indicate the chemical modification applied to the starch. Depending on the type of modification, modified starch is generally more process tolerant than native starches and provides food and beverage manufacturers numerous benefits, including:

  • Shelf-life stability to extend food quality
  • Freeze/thaw stability for textural consistency
  • Margin management through reduced waste and improved yields
  • Cold-water thickening, gel strength and film forming for specific textures
  • Glossy sheen in high-moisture applications

Whether you’re seeking crispy, crunchy or creamy textures, modified starches are developed for a range of manufacturing conditions and are well-suited for most processed foods and beverages.

Why formulate with Ingredion’s modified starches

Ingredion, a leading supplier of functional native and modified starches, has continued to push the boundaries of starch innovation, from process improvements to new base materials and ingredient innovation.

Ingredion has the widest range of starches, including tapiocapotatorice, corn and pea, and its continued progress in its expansion provides manufacturers with a consistent, reliable supply with traceability and sustainable business practices that are second to none.

Ingredion’s modified starches are naturally derived and deliver exceptional functionality across all of your food applications. With our extensive ingredient and formulation and market expertise, we can help you choose the right starch to create delicious products and deliver differentiation for your brands. Explore our Texturiser Solutions page to learn more.

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