Creamy pea and oat beverage with enhanced protein quality

Boosting protein quality in oat-based dairy-free beverages

Oat-based beverages are on the rise. How can we further boost protein levels and quality by bringing the PDCAAS value closer to one, making them a more complete protein source? Read the case study below to see how Ingredion can help. If you’re facing your own nutrition, health and wellness-related challenge, contact our experts to discuss which of our solutions could enhance appeal and create value for your brand.

Customer background

The customer is an oat-based beverage manufacturer looking to expand their offerings. They believe in producing dairy alternatives that are good for both humans and the planet.


The customer wants to enhance the nutritional profile of oat-based beverages. The new formulation should not have an impact on attributes like taste, texture, and product stability.

Solutions and approach

VITESSENCE® Pulse 1803 pea protein isolate is a clean tasting 80% protein pea protein isolate. It complements the amino acid profile of oats, enhancing both protein quantity and quality (higher PDCAAS). It is also vegan friendly, non-allergenic and non-GMO, in line with customer’s product positioning.

TEXTRA® BV 4031 stabiliser system is a specially designed system for UHT processing and was also used to provide suspension and emulsification.

Results and benefits

A delicious pea and oat beverage with 7.5g protein per 250ml serve and an enhanced PDCAAS value closer to 1 was created. The customer was impressed with the creamy mouthfeel and smooth texture despite the addition of a different source of protein and are in the midst of launch plans.

More Ingredion solutions in action

See how we’ve helped our customers solve their toughest nutrition, health and wellness challenges. Read the additional case studies below, and then visit our nutrition, health and wellness hub to learn more.


Product availability differs by country. Reach out to our experts to find a suitable solution for your needs.

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