SWEETIS™ DS500 sweetener

Introducing a next generation solution to your toughest sweetness challenges. Just another innovative answer from Ingredion.

With sugar increasingly coming under attack in many markets for health reasons, consumers are looking for ways to reduce their sugar intake without losing the sweet taste they love. Food and beverage companies need help to innovate and stay ahead of the competition, without adding to cost pressures.

Why is sugar a problem?

Sugar reduction is high on the agendas of today’s consumers, with excessive consumption being blamed for a range of health issues. With the World Health Organisation calling on people to restrict their sugar intake to no more than 10 percent of daily calories, governments around the world are taking action to reduce sugar in everyday eating. Food and beverage companies have a real opportunity to offer healthier, reduced sugar alternatives.

Introducing SWEETIS™ DS500

SWEETIS™ DS500 sweetener system is made from a variety of sweetening ingredients using our proprietary DIAL-IN® Sweetness technology.

Easy to use and typically requiring minimal formulation changes, SWEETIS™ DS500 offers the taste of sugar with fewer calories. With more intense sweetness (120-130% of sucrose), it is lower in calories (3.0kcal/g) and reduces sugar content by up to 50 percent.

The Ingredion Idea Labs™ experts even made sure this ready to use solution offers both time and cost savings for customers developing new formulations. It even simplifies inventory. 

SWEETIS™ DS500 - 120-130% sweeter than sucrose


Ready to use, SWEETIS™ DS500 helps customers create new products and bring them to market quickly. It is ideal for: 

  • Beverages (carbonated or non-carbonated)
  • Cereal, soy or other functional drinks
  • Yoghurts, flavoured milks
  • Fruit preparations like jam, syrups
  • Confectionery
  • Bakery
  • Snacks

Features and benefits

  • Tastes like sugar (sucrose) – without the after-taste of some other sweeteners
  • Low sugar/low calorie
  • 120-130% sweetness of sucrose
  • Easy to use, with excellent flowability
  • pH and heat stable
  • Ready to use - helps reduce manufacturing time and costs
  • Requires minimal formulation change

Formulation example (Banana flavoured milk)

Sweetness for all

Satisfy every sweetness preference today and tomorrow with us. 

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