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Savings: the essential ingredient in your recipes

When you need to reduce costs, you can’t afford to compromise on the qualities that made your foods and beverages so popular. Maybe it’s the tangy sweetness of tomato or the perfect shreds of cheese that people can’t get enough of. That’s exactly what you need to retain to stay profitable—but how can you deliver the experience for less?

That’s where we come in. When you work with Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, we can help you save money in your recipes while still delivering the tastes, textures, aromas and appearances that make your products successful.

Save smarter

Your recipes are the essence of your brand. We work closely with you to preserve their integrity while uncovering savings. Our proprietary DIAL-IN® technology guides us to the best solutions together.

Here are just a few of the ways we’re helping customers reduce recipe costs today:

  • Creating delicious baked goods with far fewer costly eggs using NATIONALTM 89ER
  • Building back texture when replacing dairy fats and solids in creamy, smooth yogurts and other dairy and dairy-based products using our optimised texture systems, including N-CREAMERTM starches
  • Optimising protein in processed and analogue cheese using our PRECISATM 600 series that helps you build back firmness, shredding and melting textures.
  • Keeping beverage creamers affordable with our encapsulation and emulsion technology, by replacing expensive dairy ingredients.

Achieving the perfect balance of recipe perfection and healthy margins is made possible through our deep formulation knowhow and broad functional ingredients portfolio of Ingredion. Let’s work together to make your recipes work even harder.

Inspiring delivery systems

Ingredion offers the latest delivery systems for flavours and active ingredients.

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