Sustainable oil and grease resistant coating solutions

Create safe, PFA-free food contact packaging

Eliminating toxic chemicals from food packaging materials is a top priority for major food service brands globally. Concerns about the environmental and the health impacts have consumers calling for the elimination of fluorochemicals, and brands and regulators are listening. Ingredion makes it simple and faster for paper mills and converters to transition away from forever chemicals to sustainable and biodegradable oil and grease-resistant coatings to meet this growing demand. 

Ingredion is here to help you create long-term brand value — from consumer well-being to environmental impact — with innovative oil and grease-resistant (OGR) coatings for food contact packaging.

Beat grease and oil — along with fluorocarbon concerns

Traditional OGR coatings rely on fluorocarbons such as PFAS for barrier effectiveness, but Ingredion offers safe, naturally derived alternatives. Our barrier starches are made from naturally-derived starches without the use of PFAS. Offering superior OGR functionality, our starch technology is ideal for a wide range of food contact packaging including:

  • Sack Kraft: Brown paper bags to hold bread and baked goods 
  • Food wrap: Wrapper for sandwiches, burgers, burritos  
  • Food containers: Fry containers, salad bowls/boxes 
  • Microwave paper: Frozen meal containers  

Get reformulation guidance

Ingredion is much more than a supplier. We partner with paper mills and converters to meet sustainability, performance, speed-to-market and cost targets with new materials and formulation tools. From creating sustainable formulations to connecting brands with the right paper mills, Ingredion provides solutions every step of the way. We provide hands-on support for customers at all stages of the product journey: 

  • Papermaker 
  • Paper converter  
  • Packaging procurement 
  • Brand owner / restaurant owner

Use in high-performance manufacturing

Our naturally derived barrier coatings offer application flexibility in surface treatment applications; suitable for use on existing application equipment. Our team partners with you bringing decades of industry expertise to set realistic timetables, address reformulation challenges, and ensure superior performance with your sustainable manufacturing protocols. 

Five things you need to know

Producers everywhere are making the switch to sustainable alternatives for the health of consumers, the planet and their businesses. As an early leader in plant-based packaging, Ingredion has developed a free guide to help make your transition to sustainable oil and grease-resistant products easier.

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Featured ingredients for oil and grease-resistant paper

Product Description Application

Ready-for-use naturally derived polymers for oil and grease resistance formulations.

Easy for use specialty starch products which provides barrier properties with enhanced surface strength and printability.

Superior film forming with beneficial thixotropic rheology and OGR performance. FILMKOTE™ versions require in-mill cooking for use.

Provides superior barrier performance compared to traditional surface starch used in paper grades requiring a level of oil and grease resistance; eliminating PFAS in oil and grease resistant grades. A high level of closure to the sheet can be achieved.

Ready to create sustainable products?

Our team of technical and market experts are here to help you leave forever chemicals in the past. 

As an early leader in plant-based packaging, we are applying the same methodologies we developed from food ingredients to packaging. Ingredion’s cross-product knowledge between packaging and food service allows our experts to provide 360 Value related to sustainability and the environment.

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