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Better processing, from ingredients to scale-up

Consistently performing ingredients are crucial to process efficiency and end-product quality. You can count on the process technology experts and pilot plant facilities of Ingredion to help you find the best way to optimise your manufacturing.

Our ingredients are developed to be consistent, robust and versatile, and to perform smoothly within your established processes. When you collaborate with us, we work to understand every aspect of your process so we can ensure maximum ingredient performance. We take into account:

  • Temperature
  • Acidity
  • Flow properties
  • Mechanical shear
  • Dispersion
  • Dusting
  • And more

When you are ready to take a bench-top formulation to market, talk to Ingredion. Our pilot plant facilities and specialised support teams work together to bring your products to life. Whether your challenge is to perfect a dairy process, ensure your sauces are properly cooked or keep the cookie dough easy to handle. Benefit from our on-site applications experts in dairy, beverage, soups and dressings to bakery, confectionery, processed meat and snack foods.

Start with the right ingredients and finish with an optimised product, ready for market. Start solving your next processing challenge with us.

Scale-up support

Our pilot plants and applications experts are ready to support your new product launch

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